1. N

    Developer is asking for the original bill 5 years later

    In 2007 we purchased a villa in Denizkoy near Candarli, Izmir. The villa was a shell and the estate agent a chap called Bullent undertook the finishing works. He quoted us at each stage which we accepted and paid for as each stage was completed. About 6 months after the work was completed he...

    Missing Property Developer

    A strange story of property developer from home found with Thief carved on his fore head. Missing Irish developer found wandering on road had insult carved in forehead - Republic of Ireland, Local & National -
  3. Yogi

    Developer question?

    Does anyone know what is the easiest way to tell if a developer has gone Bankrupt? We are in the UK, the developer, obviously, is in Turkey. Thanks
  4. Thechefster

    Developer wins apartment damages

    This was on UTV website and news yesterday. Developer wins apartment damages Buyers who failed to complete on seven new apartments in a Belfast complex have been ordered to pay damages of more than £430,000 in total. Buyers who failed to complete on seven new apartments in a Belfast complex...
  5. Ms Who

    Buying from a UK Developer

    We all know there are a lot of things wrong with the Real Estate industry here that need fixing. But what definitely does not help are unqualified and clueless people that promote Turkish property in the UK with missinfomation like the following: "The Title Deed of ******** has already been...
  6. L

    Developer Financial Status

    Folks I put this in the Legal helpdesk forum but it my be more suitable here. Could anyone advise is there anyway to check out the financial status of a developer? Thanks
  7. L

    Developer Financial Status

    Folks Is there any way of finding out the financial status of a developer i.e have they enough money to finish the site, pay compensation etc. I would be grateful if anyone can advise. Thanks
  8. S

    Developer refuses to finish site - Advice please

    I wondered if any of you with experience of Turkish property matters could advise me please: We purchased an off plan appartment in Turkbuku, Bodrum. The developer is Yapi Endustrisi, who has completed several developments in the Bodrum area and in Istanbul. It was supposed to finish in July...
  9. C

    Being ripped off by developer?

    Our apartment was due to have been finished in July and we have just been informed that it is ready now. According to the contract we signed, the developer has to pay us compensation for every day he is late. That amounts to about £5000. He has been informed of this and his answer was that he...
  10. merlin

    Web Developer's Handbook....

    A very useful page to have in your Bookmarks. It's just got loads of links to a wealth of information. Merv!
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