1. E

    Banks in the uk checking tax details.

    Has any one had letter from their uk bank asking for tax numbers .?
  2. T

    Branch Manager HSBC Didim details

    Would anyone have a name, contact telephone number and email address of the Branch Manager of HSBC Didim please. Have lost his card and trying not to bother Jeffrey again. Many thanks.
  3. P

    Tapu details

    Does anyone know how I can find out who owns a property and whose name is in the Tapu. In England you can check on Land Registry but I’m struggling to see how to do it in Yalikavak / Bodrum. Thanks
  4. C

    Contact details for Garanti Bank Turgutreis

    I am having problems trying to get in touch with Garanti Bank in Turgutreis and after having had a few unsatisfactory phone calls which have not been dealt with by an English speaking representative I feel that I need to contact them via email. Does anybody have an email address for an English...
  5. R

    Contact details for Akaylar Emlak Didim

    Hi, can any one assist if providing contact details, physical address, tel nos , postal address forakaylaremlak in Didim? I have been trying for months to make contact Many thanks
  6. R

    Ttnet contact details Didim

    Hi, same old chestnut. Does any one have an e-mail address for ttnet in Didim.? Or other communication channel with details that I can use to contact them successfully? Thank you davidh
  7. A

    Bank details for visa

    Hello. I always knew that when applying for a visa you had to show a certain amount of funds for each year applied for. I have know heard that your bank statement has to show source of funds. That is ok for those receiving a pensin for example, but if you brought funds in cash into Turkey and...
  8. bickern

    British Consulate - Contact Details

    British Consulate General, Istanbul Timothy FISHER Consul & Director of Consular Services (Turkey) Alexandra UTKUCU Vice Consul Cengiz KURTUL Consular Officer Serpin ALTUNOK Consular Officer...
  9. J

    Sinan Bakir in Side - contact details

    Hi there. Does anyone know if Sinan Bakir is still around. He had an office behind Side Balik Evi with his father who is a solicitor. We have been trying to get hold of Sinan from the UK but I think we have his old e-mail address. Thank to anyone who can help.
  10. C

    Volkan Jewellers Akbuk contact details?

    Volkan Jewellers Altinkum contact details? Hello all, My parents have recently returned from Akbuk and mentioned this Jewelers in Altinkum as it is where they got my Mum's eternity ring made, they were discussing with the owner getting a ring made for myself but unfortunately mislaid his...
  11. djmagic

    details regarding tax. 2013

    The government has introduced a new tax regime to levy relatively lower tax on long-term bank deposits. The state used to collect 15 percent withholding tax on all Turkish lira deposits irrespective of the term it remains in a bank's coffers. The new regulation decreases this tax rate to 12...
  12. M

    Looking For Somebody - Few Details

    I'm not quite sure how to go about this, since I've never actually met this person, however, it's important that I track them down. The name of this person is Hasan Pozan, he will be between 50 and 60 years of age. I have three photos that anyone with possible info can view by PM'ing me (since...
  13. L

    changing details

    Not sure if this is in the right place, anyway, how do I change details about myself please.
  14. D

    Toparlar council contact details?

    Hi I have had a little house built in Toparlar but i am waiting on the council who I believe are to install some drains , and it is holding up the habitation licence I am told. If anyone has an email address for Toparlar council I would appreciate.
  15. g&t

    cagkent site president contact details ?

    good morning, does anyone possibly have any current contact details for the site president of cagkent sitesi kusadasi, I think mine must be out of date thankyou gary
  16. SAMIMI

    Web users details hacked

    I am learning more all the time about how it is not safe to put your name, date of birth, mother's name, your dates of travel and where you are going on sites like Facebook, fourms ect. Hackers are constantly getting into individual sites, getting hold of your passwords and gathering your...
  17. A

    Contact details for mandalinci jewellers

    Hi , I am looking for contact details , email , post etc for Mandalinci jewellers in Turgetreis . We bought 3 White gold rings from the guy there in oct 2010 and the White bit ( rhodium ) is coming off and the rings look horrible and cannot be worn . We have bought excellent quality items off...
  18. D

    Taffy's Boat Trip...does anyone have the contact details?

    Hi All...this trip was recommended to me today on the bus from the airport by a regular holiday maker in this area. i thought i'd get the details in the voices, but i bought it and checked and he's not advertising in it this week. don't suppose anyone has his no do you?
  19. D

    details of auction sites for properties

    i saw on another thread someone say they boıught property via auctions and was wondering if anyone has details of sites my turkish wife can peruse.
  20. S

    Ayhans UK bank details please

    Dear All, I am currently involved in legal action against Mr Tavaci's wife because I paid money into her account. I have information they are opening and closing bank accounts in the UK. Please PM me if any of you have paid money into Mrs Tavacis account in the UK, this applies to any of...
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