1. P

    TLF's great big property buying guide (as detailed by all its members)

    I thought I would like to give this a try and I'm calling all members to help and take part in its construction - I cannot do it alone for it to work. I have this idea that with all the information and first hand knowledge available on TLF from it's many threads and members that it is possible...
  2. O

    Bodrum Peninsula detailed map

    Hello everybody ! (Sorry - I'm french speaking person...and my english is not perfect) ! I'm new on this forum and I must say that it is an extremely useful tool ! congratulations to the person in charge of it ! We (my husband and myself) bought a house in June last year, and we are still...
  3. merlin

    Detailed Road Map of Turkey....

    A very high detail road map of the whole of Turkey can be found here A link for the map legend can be found here Also there is a very useful distance calculator between major towns/cities here Merv!
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