1. shirleyanntr

    does dessert mean sex ?

    this show '' Turkish housewives'' has been heavily fined because of a double meaning...the woman told her husband they would have dessert after dinner my god what would they do if they had the 'carry on '' films here CINEMA-TV - Watchdog fines Turkey?s ?Desperate Housewives? over sexual...
  2. Minajayne

    Coconut dessert recipe wanted

    We visited friends out of town a few weeks ago and they made a beautiful dessert that i would like to make..but i dont know what it was called. It was served sliced, and was a white base (sort of blancmange texture) with coconut sprinkled on top. Any ideas..?
  3. the sausage king

    Ok you can all stop shouting, Here is the dessert menu online

    Hi Everyone, I know I have been slow putting this online, but you can now order all your favorite desserts online, thru my website, or contact me direct. Please remember if there is something you want and its not there, all you have to do is ask. We have now also started our Outside catering...
  4. Mushtaq

    ASURE - Dessert

    Ingredients Dövme (dehusked wheat for asure) 1 cup Chickpeas 1/3 cup Dry white beans 1/3 cup Rice 2 tablespoons Water 12 1/2 cups Dried apricots 10 Dried figs 5 Raisins (seedless) 1/2 cup Orange 1 small size Sugar 1 2/3 cups Rose water 2 tablespoons Walnuts (not crushed)...
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