1. T

    Apartment desperately needed!

    Hi all, I normally live in Kusadasi with my husband but returned tomthe uk to complete a English course so in can teach when I return, unfortunately this I proving rather difficult as we cannot seem to find a apartment for long term rental, 1 or 2 bedrooms and fully furnished in kusadasi, any...
  2. J

    Adorable Puppy Desperately Needs New Home

    I am fostering a most adorable puppy at the moment, whilst his vaccine takes effect. However, I am unfortunately not able to take him full time. He is absolutely gorgeous, and learning fast re house training etc. He needs a lot of exercise...and a lot of love and attention. I dont know how...
  3. Freedom 49

    Philippines Typhoon Haiyan survivors desperately needing Help.

    Now 5 days after the initial devastation, some Aid is managing to get through. Thousands of people are dead but the very young survivors, along with the elderly, infirm and people like ourselves will only survive if they get help. They have no food, no clean water, no way out of this disaster...
  4. B

    Desperately Seeking Help with Law in Turkey

    Hello, I ve recently posted a thread in connection to the fees/interest rates applied to a successful claim & awards by the courts. I'd like to thank all those who offered advise and help. However I am still non the wiser. I ve also contacted no fewer than 6 of the various lawyers that...
  5. K

    Flight to UK desperately needed

    Hi everyone, I know this is a long shot but my friend desperately needs to fly back to the UK in the next few days, the latest she can travel is tues 3rd September. Does anyone have a ticket flying out of either Dalaman or Antalya they would be willing to sell? Preferably flying into a London...
  6. D

    Desperately seeking Audrey! - Avon Calling!

    Hi there all, I am hoping to find a lady called Audrey that has put in an Avon order with my friend Lisa. Lisa is going to be in Ali's Place tomorrow at 10.30 to drop off all Dalaman orders and let people flick through the new book but she has told me that she hasnt got Audrey's contact...
  7. Romadog2

    Dog food desperately needed

    I am asking for donations of dog food for our Rehab Center. Since the caravan has been out of commission and Sylvia has not been able to do fundraising, we are in absolute dire straits for dog food. If you can please donate a bag of food, we will gladly pick it up. Or you can leave it for...
  8. Harem

    Two cats desperately seeking home(s)

    On behalf of a friend of a friend (yes, I know sounds corny, but it is true) I am desperately seeking a home, or homes, for two female cats. I think they may be sisters as they are both two years old, neutered, up to date with their jabs, house and litter tray trained. I believe they are...
  9. Y

    Volunteers desperately needed

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED DESPERATELY TO HELP OUT AT THE YALIKAVAK ANIMAL REHAB CENTER!!!!! We need volunteers to help out once a week at the Yalikavak Animal Rehab Center!!! We need some dedicated volunteers for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please give a few hours of your time once a week!!! Call...
  10. Mushtaq

    desperately looking for a british woman (aged 35-55)

    I have added the above poston behalf of new member 'Mel Fallowfield'
  11. N

    Desperately needed someone in or near Canakkale

    Desperately needed someone in or near Canakkale, Turkey to help with the rescue of two puppies .temp fosterers needed, please contact : please add Canakkale pups in subject box of email pics :
  12. D

    Home desperately needed. Alsations

    At a recent car boot sale my wife met a very nice German lady who was selling all her possessions so that she can return to Europe. Her Turkish husband has recently died and she is left destitute and desperate. In Germany she will try to rebuild her life. The one big problem is that she owns two...
  13. peter the postie

    Please help...Old moped desperately wanted!!!

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to buy an old sports moped circa 1970's to restore. I thought I'd put an appeal on here just in case anyone knows, or has any old wrecks anywhere? It doesnt matter what condition it is in, I'm buying to restore over a few years so will consider anything you...
  14. Gaby

    Dottie is desperately looking for a new home

    Dear all, my dog's sister Dottie (sterilized) is desperately looking for a new home. Her mum+dad dumped her today in front of our door and disappeared without her! She is such a nice and well-behaved dog and deserves a good home. Thank you all in advance for helpful advice.
  15. Harem

    Desperately, urgently seeking new home ....

    I'm desperately, urgently seeking a new home for Prince, the last of our rescued dogs. He is about 2 years old and a very loving, loyal companion. He spent the whole of last year tied to a tree, receiving little or no attention. When I rescued him on 1st December last year he was nothing more...
  16. M

    Desperately seeking advice about Yalikavak please

    My husband and I will be spending a week in Yalikavak in September with a couple of friends and their 1 year old. We will be staying at the 4reasons hotel, which is situated on a hill with what appear to be magnificent views of the peninsula. However, we are looking for suggestions on sandy...
  17. L

    desperately seeking sun loungers...

    anyone know of a good place to buy sun loungers in Kalkan or nearby? We looked when we were last there in March but had no luck, any leads from fellow Kalkanites would be good. Thanks, Lisa.
  18. V

    Summer villa desperately needed

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me. I need a villa for July, August & September in the Antalya region. Would like a private swimming pool and stand alone if possible. Preferred areas are Beldibi, Goynuk, Kemer, Kiris, Camyuva, Tekirova or Adrasan. Kas and Kalkan, though very...
  19. Carolyn

    Desperately Seeking Susan

    Has anyone seen or spoken to Susan of silcone fame lately? I see she hasn't been on the forum for a little while now and I haven't seen her on MSN either.
  20. N

    Desperately seeking Good Coffee Beans

    I must admit I am hooked on good real coffee which I grind every morning and enjoy every sip of it while looking at fantastic views from Karabag. Please can anyone tell me where can I buy good real coffee beans especially the one called After Dinner. If I can find this in Bodrum then I don't...
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