1. S

    desperate for information Turkish Property Valuation

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum although I have been reading your posts for a while now. We are in the process of buying a house in the outskirts of Antalya with the help of a mortgage from the Turkish bank arranged through a broker in UK. In the middle of the negotiations over the price it...
  2. K

    Desperate Datca Dame seeks decorator!

    Can anyone recommend a painter/decorator in Datca who a) knows what masking tape is for and will use it; b) has ladders or staging to use inside a stairwell? Please PM me with contact details. Grateful thanks in advance. K.
  3. shazeroo

    Desperate Appeal for Shelter Volunteers

    Hi everyone in the Bodrum area. I have just been looking at the Turgutreis Animal Shelter page on Facebook and am very upset to see so many miserable dogs who now rarely get out of their cages as so many of the regular volunteers (me included) have moved away from the area. They are down to a...
  4. bickern

    Circumcised men desperate to reverse the procedure

    Well I am happy to say mine is complete thank you. ---------------------------------------------------------- 'Angry and shameful' men take to online forums to discuss restoring their manhood. A small but vociferous community of circumcised men is gathering online forums to discuss methods of...
  5. janA

    Desperate plea for a new home

    These gorgeous spaniels have a very sad story!! All they want is a bit love and a forever home to live out their days as their owner has sadly died and they have no where to go so were taken to Marmaris dog pound. Luckly a good friend has decided to foster them as the pound would be too much for...
  6. shirleyanntr


    i use open office and im having some real problems i have hundreds of documents that ive created over the last few years in files and folders..but when i started looking at some today many had suddenly gone into how on earth did that happen..i tried deleting one and the next...
  7. A89

    Help Im getting desperate

    for a slow cooker!!!!!!!!! LOL Has anyone seen them anywhere in Alanya?? I have been looking everywhere Ive gone but havent seen them anywhere.
  8. arrian

    Desperate Housewives!!!!

    [B][I]They're back!!!! the only programme worth watching, for me anyway!!!
  9. Angela Stansfield

    Desperate - Home Needed

    Can anyone find it in their hearts to give Sandy a home. She was left on the doorstep of her owner 4 years ago at the age of four weeks. She is very shy and very sweet. Her owners are having to return to England due to serious illness and because they are elderly and in ill health, will not be...
  10. Mary

    Desperate for a lift

    Hi all, Well I am desperate. Here goes. Our flight was cancelled on the 19th still awaiting a refund from T Crook. Have had to rebook only incoming flight anywhere through Agean, but having to go from Manchester to Dalaman arriving Dalaman airport 23rd April 04.15am.Leaving Manchester 22nd April...
  11. W

    A desperate appeal

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help in light of the travel chaos which is taking place at the moment? My daughter was due to fly out to Turkey today to be with her husband as her baby is due in June and she wants to be with him at that emotional time. Unfortunately her flight for today has...
  12. chatty cathy

    DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE-advice wanted

    My husband is being wooed away by someone who can make better apple crumble than me. She's tempting him with her cinnamon and sultanas and I'm in desperate straits. You know who you are :122ia:LOL So ladies what's your suggestion please, help needed !!!!
  13. F

    Desperate please can any one help

    Hello my name is Jayne last night on a walk with my dog i came across 8 abandoned kangal puppies still very young at the moment havent opened their eyes two of them were found in a sack the other 6 had managed to crawl out and were distraught under a very thick bush seperated from one another...
  14. F

    Desperate for advice...

    Desperate *Update pg 4* Hi Im new here.. and am desperately in need of some advice/infomation. I am currently going thru a messy split with my husband... and am wanting to move to Turkey in October with my parents. We have a 2yr old son..who I will be taking with me if I do move there...
  15. Jillyj

    Desperate to sell my bike

    Hi guys, Im selling my Arn Keeway 125 cc, it is blue and silver and has had only one owner. I bought it it may/ June so is still very new. It has never has any problems and is a good runner. I also have insurance on it and a helmet to go with it and a fitted box on the back and also has storage...
  16. W

    desperate help for schools needed

    Dear Forum, Like thousands of brits I have brought a house in Akbuk. I have my house for sale in the UK with a view to moving to Turkey for a better life style than working in this wet drenched country called england for 70 hrs per week. The only thing that is stopping me is my daughter, she is...
  17. Ms Who

    Desperate for dosh

    Firstly, apologies, I know how everyone hates this but in my defence, this is such an amazing deal that I had to post it. Anyone seriously looking for an excellent investment in Turkey should check out the villa advertised on the left at 55k. There are 2 of these villas on one plot and they...
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