1. K

    TWO kittens desparate for homes Didum area

    Dear Kind and loving animal lovers, I have co-ordinated a resuce of two (out of four) kittens whose mum had been killed. I praying i can get them rehomed in Turkey, they only have two weeks left where they are currently in and I could be stuck on what i will do if I have not rehomed them by...
  2. YogiPJ

    Desparate! Home needed for two lovely dogs

    Desparate! Home needed! Please Help Hi Toto, is a Terrior cross. He is a street dog but has been "adopted" by a couple near us. Frank and Sally look after lots of dogs and poor Sally's purse wont stretch to another. They already look after after 4 street dogs as well as their huge Mastive...
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