1. immac

    Desktop Organiser Win10

    I am looking for Freeware to tidy up my Win10 Desktop. I want to be able to group icons and folders - to fence them off; there is a prog called "Fences", which does it, but I am wondering if there is anything free. Ian
  2. mamish

    Koycegiz - Desktop PC for sale

    For sale: Exper desktop pc with wireless mouse and keyboard and separate speakers. Intel Core I5, 3.2 GHZ, 8 GB DDR3 1TB HDD 2 GB, 18.5 inch wide LED DVI monitor, usb speakers with microphone and earphone plugs. Bought May last year, so still within 2 year guarantee. Only light six month use...
  3. Yalides

    Laptop v desktop

    Been using laptops this last few days, that's 3 of them in front of me, and I must say I much prefer a proper desktop system with a proper keyboard, a mouse and a screen which is bigger than a mobile phone. What do you guys think ?
  4. ted j

    Right click won't work on desktop

    Had this problem for a few days now, my right click works on toolbars, taskbar and everywhere else apart from my desktop. It seems to work only every so often and when it doesn't , it freezes my lappy. I've tried a system restore (no use) and deleted the last program I downloaded and I don't...
  5. M

    Big icons on desktop

    This really is for my friend. I have been trying for about two hours today to reduce the size of the icons on her desktop, they are so big they fill her screen. I have searched all through the display and preferences, I altered the dpi, I altered the font size, applied it and after a restart...
  6. Tommie

    PC Case

    Hi I'm planning on coming to Altinkum next month and hoping to bring the hard drives etc from my current desktop and install in a new chassis. It'll be easier for me just to bring the hard drives etc instead of the whole PC. Can anyone recommend a reliable PC shop in Altinkum? I do have a...
  7. merlin

    Free skins for your xp desktop.... Merv!
  8. lorraine

    FREE desktop translator download

    I have been using this desktop translator for 2 years and thought it about time I shared it with you. follow the link below. DOWNLOAD MOONSTAR MTU SöZLüK some may find it easier if you change your keyboard to Turkish letting you 'toggle' between English and Turkish. More info on the...
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