1. immac

    Overheating Desk Top

    After a few problems with slow performance a blackscreen crashes, eventually worked out (with software download) that my GPU (Graphics card) is overheating - 87C on tickover rising to 99C if I open YouTube: then the screen goes black and computer restarts. Is anyone using advanced cooling tech...
  2. Gill

    International help desk in Yalikavak

    NTERNATIONAL HELP DESK IN YALIKAVAK THE SIGNS HAVE BEEN PUT UP AND IT IS HAPPENING. MORE VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to be there for just ONE HOUR every now and again. Please PM to me if you can volunteer. The Belediye are planning to meet with foreign nationals of Yalıkavak in the near future, The...
  3. Gill

    Help Desk

    International Help Desk in Yalıkavak. For Foreign nationals residing or owning property in Yalıkavak who have any questions, problems or concerns a HELP DESK of volunteers will be available to note the difficulty, assist and liaise with the Belediye or appropriate body for an answer. THURSDAYs...
  4. K

    Where to go for a desk chair?

    I'm having problems getting a desk chair. Plenty of shops around, but the last one I ordered said I couldn't get the chair until he had other deliveries in my area. I've been waiting for delivery for nearly a month so cancelled it today. Is there an online store with good delivery or something?
  5. L

    computer desk

    We are looking for a small computer desk, just big enough for a large lap top no printer or other bits so my husband can work in one of the bedrooms instead of on the dining room table. Does anyone know where we might get one from. We thought maybe Koc Tac. If anyone happens to go to Koc Tac...
  6. Mary

    Help Desk

    Hi All, Does anybody know if there is a help desk in the Bodrum area to assist in problems with Koops and other information, preferably english speaking. We do not want an Interpreter, but something like we have in the UK Citizens Advice Bureau or something similar. Mary
  7. KKOB

    Dalaman Airport - New Customer Complaints Desk

  8. K

    Helping Desk

    Helping Desk/free assistance TurkishLiving Forum People, I know how hard to live abroad.who need any helping for their local problems. can call me.. I will help them. Note: Mushtaq, can ı give my address or not I dont know. admin please inform me. ahmet Kaya
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