1. W

    Caretaker Job Description

    We have just interviewed a caretaker on our site and would like to start him asap. Obviously it will be subject to contract. Turkish owners don't see the need for a contract and their outlook re duties and responsibilities is that " the caretaker does EVERYTHING ! To save time I was hopeful that...
  2. E

    Ian5976 description

    I googled Ian5976. Up popped myworldebay. A man named Ian5976 has purchased goods about bulgaria and turkish lessons on ebay. I think its 99.99% certain the same guy. Can anyone guess who it is from details below. 46 WAIST, 28" INSIDE LEG Has a youngster(s) Is learning turkish and takes a 10.5...
  3. Susan

    Description of house from Agent

    Hi Everybody, :crazy: This may be a very silly questions that I am going to ask but: When you purchase a property in Turkey, has anyone had a written description of the property from their agent? Like size of property, room sizes, plot size, and in general what it contains and what you get...
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