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    Whirling Dervish Performance

    The Dervish Performance is in sport center in Dalaman today, 26.09.2008. Is is yellow building on Airport road just before Jandarma. I wish You Enjoy it.
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    Whirling Dervish performance

    Just a bit of a moan really, we were really looking forward to seeing The Dervish performance at the park, but it was cancelled due to weather. Unknown to us, we are English, it was held at the Police station, which is right by were we are staying. This is a once in a life time experience for...
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    Turkish whirling dervish dances on UNESCO's list of heritage masterpieces

    Japanese kabuki theater and whirling dervish ceremonies from Turkey were named on Friday in the United Nations cultural organization's list of the world's intangible heritage treasures. The two traditions were among 43 arts, rituals, festivals and other ceremonies added to the list. Others...
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