1. G

    Derby hotel Akbuk

    does anyone know if the derby hotel pool is going to be open ? and when do you think that might be ? or are there any other pools that my guests could use in akbuk ? would be nice if i could use the ones just infront of me at summer breeze (they could make a fortune) but hey ho ! many thanks .
  2. R

    Derby Hotel Akbuk

    Hi Does anyone know if the Derby Hotel is opening this year? We were hoping to stop there for a few days in May. Thankyou
  3. teosgirl

    Derby game -fenerbahce/galatasary

    Tonights Derby game is going to be big, but it's not having a great start. Fenerbahce fans are currently heading towards the second bridge by the coachloads (NTV news) and causing chaos on the roads. The buses are swerving all over the road whilst fans pushout windows into the middle lane...
  4. jane2005

    Derby Day

    Would just like to say....................half time and 3 nil up already.........get in, come on the Toon!!!!!!!!!!
  5. M

    Derby Restaurant Akbuk

    Looks like another good night at the Derby, seems like all my money will be going on taxi fares. Might be cheaper to move there altogether. POOLSIDE BBQ THIS SATURDAY 26thJUNE AT THE DERBY RESTAURANT AKBUK. OPEN BUFFET CONSISTS OF 10 DIFFERENT TURKISH MEZES LAMB SISH - CHICKEN SISH -...
  6. M

    Derby more great live music

    There is more live music this Wednesday at The Derby Akbuk. Baker Street will be doing their usual 60's and 70's stuff on 16th June Wednesday There will be a one off performance by CHLOE SONGBIRD on Thursday 17th June I have heard this girl sing and just my opinion, she is great, a lovely...
  7. Yogi

    Derby Hotel - Nightclub

    I've just returned from Akbuk :crying: and was told that a Nightclub was going to be opened at he Derby Hotel on June 10. Anyone else heard this or was it just gullable old me been wound up? I've never actually been to the Derby Hotel so don't know if this is even feasible. If true then Akbuk...
  8. M

    live Turkish music tonight Saturday!

    Lyn has internet problems, but just told me tonight at the Poolside Restaurant, Derby,they've got a poolside BBQ -an open buffet, with 12 mezzes and mixed grill with salad etc for 20 tl but the really good bit is the Turkish band, Dreaming in Cliffs are playing for the 1st time in this area...
  9. L

    The Derby Hotel

    Hi all, having trouble finding a web site for the Derby Hotel in Akbuk. Can anyone help me please?
  10. ceemac

    Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş to clash amid tension in Istanbul derby

    Fenerbahçe is set to host Beşiktaş on Sunday night in an Istanbul derby with tensions high on both sides. Here C
  11. M

    Derby Hotel

    Just returned from Akbuk, weather nice in the day but very cold at night still. Had a meal in the Derby hotel, food,service and new refit to the restaurant made it a very good experience. Will certainly be a great venue during the summer months with live entertainment. Good luck to the new owners.
  12. M

    easter BBQ at Derby support the animal shelter

    the Derby restaurant is holding an Easter Sunday BBQ to support the Akbuk animal shelter. Tickets are 20 lira with 5 lira going to the shelter fund, and a menu of mezes, salads, chicken, adana, liver etc. Starts at 3pm, finishing late with Christine supplying live music in the evening.You can...
  13. christella

    The Derby Hotel Akbuk

    the derby hotel in Akbuk opened yesterday under new management my friends Lynn and her turkish boyfriend from what i hear it went very well got to be worth a try let us know how you get on
  14. J

    Derby Hotel - Blonde moment

    I have just come back from a wonderful week at house in Akbuk. Some friends decided to visit the area, but did not want to disturb me so booked into the Derby Hotel. I planned to visit them the next day and spend the day by the pool with my son. As my house is near the Holiday Resort...
  15. zulu1946

    chris and nina from derby uk

    hi,im chris,and my wife is nina,im uk born and nearly 60,my wife is from belarus (white russia)and a few years younger. weve bought a property in gumbet,a two bed apart.and intend to set up home there in about 14 months,were going there for two weeks 29th may. ive got a fin adv sorting out my...
  16. D

    Derby Hotel Akbuk

    Hi,Has anyone stayed at the Derby hotel in Akbuk,if so what is it like and what are their rates,looking for somewhere to stay in January 2006,Thanks Dave:)
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