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    Pool depth.

    I recently read,on another forum,about pools being limited to a depth of 1.3 metres and those deeper than that had to be changed to meet this criteria or provide an on duty life guard.My first instinct was to think that this is a wind up or early April fool prank but on refection,thinking (TIT)...
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    Water depth.

    How deep is the water off Calis Beach? It slopes quite quickly and I'm in over my head within a few steps, and I only go out about 20 metres, if that.
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    Depth of water in dalyan river

    Does anyone know the maximum draft of a boat than can come up the Dalyan river from the sea. Normal clearance over the bar and through the fish trap.
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    Swimming Pool depth

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi again, yet another question in the swimming pool saga, I am having a preformed pool and have decided on a 30m2 after some discussion on the forum. I now have to decide on the depth, due to mobility problems I...
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