1. A

    Urgent help, agent not returning my deposit

    Hi, I'm in Istanbul, dealt with this agency for month, Remax in Atasehir, Metin in the owner, he is refusing to return my deposit because I didn't agree on the lower price of the sale, the reason is to avoid paying taxes. Now he claims I'm the one who cancelling the sale as a result he is...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Sterling deposit accounts.

    Just wondering, as I almost hijacked the Watch the lira now thread. Are there sterling deposit accounts over there in Turkey, I can't remember myself. If so any recommendations please. Thanks. xx
  3. M

    how to open a deposit accont

    I am willing to open a fixed deposit bank account in Turkey and I am wandering which bank that has the best interest rates on deposit accounts. Also, I need to know the profit that I can gain from depositing an amount if 100k TL with say Ziraat bank. Kindly advise
  4. oldfogy

    Akbank Serbest Acc vs Time Deposit Acc

    Does anyone know what the difference is between a 'Serbest Acc and/or Time Deposit Acc' interest rates on both accounts appear to be the same. Only it's a pain having to close a time account every month one day and then re-open a new one the next day just to get the best rate as Akbank does not...
  5. S

    Turkish edeposit or time deposit interest rates

    Hi, I'm looking to deposit some savings into a different bank in Didim, we currently have savings in Denizbank, but are looking to spread some of 'our eggs out of the basket'. Can anyone help with a good interest rate on a 31 day account? Many thanks in advance
  6. W

    Best 3 month Bank Deposit Rates

    Can anyone advise as to what are the current 3 month deposit interest rates being offered by the various banks in Turkey. I know the best rates are given online so just interested before renewing or switching.
  7. B

    New deposit account in Garanti Bank

    Hi We have just recently opened a deposit account in Garanti Bank. I thought that once I got back to the UK and on my Laptop, I could sign up to internet banking and find out a bit more about the account and how I can make more deposits. Now it seems I have to apply to get a code sent to me...
  8. Mag

    Deposit banking recommendations please.

    Hi, looking for some advice regarding investing some money in a Turkish deposit account, for at least 12 months. However, reading back on some of the more recent threads, how safe do others feel their money is at the moment in Turkey? The interest rates are attractive compared to how little we...
  9. D

    Best way to deposit money into a Turkish bank account

    We want to open a bank account in Turkey and was wondering what is the best way to deposit money in it from England, should we bring cash over or a cheque or do I just put it in my credit card account and deposit the money this way. The reason why we want an account is that we have purchased a...
  10. djmagic

    e deposit rates falling

    been to the bank today and was told that the rates are falling an could go as low as 8% before the end of the year.. food for thought!!!
  11. L

    safety deposit box

    Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me where we can find a safety deposit box in the village. The place we stay doesn't have a safe and we would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks in advance
  12. G

    Closing Time Deposit Account

    Sorry if this sounds a stupid question. I intend closing a Time Deposit Account on the date it matures and moving money to another bank. Do I lose any interest? I have been advised that I can do this with no interest loss but this is the first time I have done this so would like confirmation...
  13. M

    Time Deposit Account

    My bank has just changed the layout of it's website, and different information is now showing. I noticed that there is a discrepancy in the total balance and the amount shown as available for withdrawal. I contacted them and they have said that it is necessary to keep TL1,000 in the account in...
  14. T

    safe deposit boxes

    hi.all.does anyone know if the bank or post office has safe deposit boxes as my apartment has no safe and need to keep money and valuables safe.i plan to take stirling over and dont fancy leaving it in apartment when out.
  15. M

    Gold or time deposit accounts

    In October 2010 i decieded to open a gold account instead of a time deposit account which most people talk about on here The average price per gram i brought was 63.16 ytl in March gold has been between 72.00 ytl to 74.60 ytl so paper profit is between 9-11 ytl per gram I'm interested to...
  16. T

    Sale Fallen Through - Deposit wasn't paid

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I have POA for friends of mine as they are selling their apt. We actually sold it privately and the buyers solicitors drew up a contract saying that we would get a deposit when the habitation certificate was issued, this happened and the rest when they received...
  17. G

    safety deposit boxes

    Does anyone know if you can rent a safety deposit box from the PTT, will be coming to turkey self catering, would feel better if I had somewhere safe to keep my money. Also any ideas on cost.
  18. T

    Help - Internet Banking - Time Deposit Accounts

    HELP. We have accounts with TEB and Garanti Bank in Fethiye. We have time deposit accounts and internet banking with both. My question is how do the money experts out there go about getting and keeping the best interest rates? We take the interest each month, paid into a daily account, and...
  19. donss

    Where to buy a security deposit box???

    Have been looking at buying / installing a security deposit box for our appt., but no luck so far..... (small key or digital operation for cash / valuables etc.) Anyone in the Side / Manavgat area bought or had one installed locally??? Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  20. E

    Time deposit account, how many days?

    I can't quite get my around these accounts. Could anyone give a summary and let me know which would be the best to go for? I've read most ex-pats go for 30 days, whilst ın Garanti I was told 32 days would be the best to choose. Is there an easy way to decide? Thank you.
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