1. M

    Dentists around Dalaman

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good dentist for a crown and possible veneers. Will travel as far as Fethiye if needed. Thanks
  2. H

    Good dentists

    Can anyone recommend a good dentist please
  3. eshek


    Having moved from Ankara where I was lucky enough to use a brilliant dentist - I am now looking for a good dentist in the Izmir area. Any recommendations?
  4. L

    Dentists for Implants

    Hi, I know this one has been covered several times, but just looking for updated information. My father in law is looking to have some dental work (implants fitted) and wondered if anybody has it done in the Yali/Bodrum area. Any ideas on costs/recommendations and time scale, can they be fitted...
  5. Neil_Denizli

    Dentists for Kids?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a dentist for an 11-year-old - Turgutreis, Gumusluk, Bodrum or anywhere in between? Someone who is good with kids and not prone to overkill (i.e. will honestly say what needs doing rather than offering unnecessary procedures)? Cheers Neil
  6. angiesco


    Does anyone have any recommendations for a dentist, near or around the Meltem area of Antalya? My denist is lovely, but she is too far away, now that I have moved. I have to be able to go to the dentist in the morning and be back at home for the kids at lunchtime. It isn't important to me that...
  7. M


    hi ladies and gents does anybody know any good dentists in dalaman thank you mike and nicky
  8. M


    hi ladies and gents does anybody know if there is any dentists in dalyan thank you mike and nicky
  9. V

    Specs & Dentists

    Does anyone know if you can bring your specs prescription from the UK to have glasses made in Turkey, if so approximate prices for standard lenses Also, does anyone have any info on dentists & any recommendations ....... Or is it better to stick to the UK for these? Thanks Val
  10. T

    Recommended dentists in Izmir; food poisoning

    Hi- Does anyone have an English speaking dentist in Izmir they would recommend for dental work? I need a crown replacement. Also, I think I have a bit of food poisoning so I went to the eczane today and they gave me something called Famoser Famotidin, but it isn't medicine for food poisoning...
  11. SonnyJim

    Datca Dentists!!

    We have been deserted by our favourite Datca dentist Mete, he has now gone to Istanbul. Basak has gone to Australia. Will have to dig out the dentures!! Metes' former partner is still there, he now seems our best option or it is off to Marmaris.
  12. P

    Antalya regions - dentists

    Hope someone can help please. I want to go down to the Antalya region and not a long distance off the airport, to get dental implants done. Can someone give me recommendations please area and dentist.
  13. G

    Dentists In Akbuk

    Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Akbuk (phone number would also be appreciated as we need to check something with him first). Thanks in Advance Garry
  14. L

    Teeth Whitening?

    Hello!! my daughter is looking to get her teeth whitened in june and is wondering if anyone can suggest any good dentists , and prices? Thanks L
  15. D

    dentists marmaris or icmeler

    Hi. İ need a dead tooth taken out through root canal. How much will this cost in the Marmaris or Icmeler region and can anybody reccommend a good dentist that is not overpriced?
  16. irishmatelot

    Dentists in Bodrum

    Hi folks Off to Bodrum in 2 weeks and need to know of a recommended dentist I can use if necessary (having some wisdom teeth trouble that will not be sorted before I fly out and I expect it to recur!!). Not really interested in hearing from any dentists but any TLFers who have used a dentist...
  17. shirleyanntr

    Alanya Dentists

    i have dental phobia but if you are looking for a dentist in Alanya i can recommend DentalAlanya after visiting them several times in the last few weeks. Easy to find surgery too..opposite the aquapark in the town centre. they also do implants cheaper than the uk.
  18. J


    Hi there Just wondered if anybody knows of a good dentist in the Didim area or nearby? Also is treatment expensive in Turkey or not? Cheers.
  19. Andy


    A List of Turkish Dentists Anyone know of a good dentist in your area can you PM me and i will add to the list. Thanks. A rough price estimate for Dental work Prices Alanya Dentist. Alanya Dentist. Kusadasi Dentist. Kusadasi Dentist, Dental Tourism...
  20. Andy

    Dentists In Kusadasi

    Over the last few months iv'e had work done to repair a broken tooth the Dentist has built a base on the stub of the old tooth and is going to put a porcelin cap on it. The total bill for all this is £518 which i found to be a bit expensive, i was told the new build for the cap is £203...
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