1. C

    Hello! Dental treatment in Turkey...

    Hello! While I have been to Turkey before, and posted here in the past, this time, I am looking for information about good dentists! if anyone here has had dental implants and/or oral surgery performed in Turkey, I am eager to hear how that went. An oral surgeon has been recommended...
  2. J

    Dental Hygenist in Dalyan

    Hello There, Can anybody recommend a Hygenist? I schedule my return visits to the UK mainly to see my Hygenist and it would make life easier if I could find one in Dalyan or the surrounding area. As I have had a lot of work done on my teeth over the years the quality of the hygienists work...
  3. M

    Dental treatment

    Can anybody tell me if dental treatment is included in SGK. Thanks Marb
  4. M

    Dental treatment under SGK

    Can anyone tell me if dental treatment is covered by SGK. Thanks
  5. sandpearse

    dental problems

    3 weeks ago I had 2 crowns put in next to each other. Now when the dentist was fitting these I was in agony as the nerve was very 'live'! She said it would calm down, as she had done a lot of work in one area. Since then, the pain in the surrounding area has lessened,but.... oh boy my jaw has...
  6. O

    Dental Implants Near Dalyan

    Hi Everyone, I wonder if anyone would know of a good cosmetic dentist near Dalyan? We have an apartment in Dalyan and spend around 6 to 8 weeks a year there (we wish it were more but business keeps us in the UK at present). Anyway, I've been searching for a dentist in the area that does...

    Dental Charges

    Just recently had my long delayed ( i am a chicken!) refurbishment of the old molars . Normally i would have any work done in Ireland or Turkey but this time I decided to live dangerously and have my dental work done in Sofia. All I can say was that the service, treatment and cleanliness was...
  8. Firebrand

    Dental services around Dalaman for bruxism

    Hi I wonder if anyone has had a dental night guard made sucessfully with a dentist in the Dalaman area? I have been quoted £250 in the UK, so was wondering if I could get one cheaper when we come out. Thanks
  9. C

    Dental Hygienist !

    Does anyone know of a good Dental Hygienist ? I have the name of Bernaddette and 2 mobile numbers but can't get through to her and have left text messages! Think she may have been operating from premises at Oasis. Any information would be gratefully received.
  10. R

    sevil pekmezci (gente dental in altinkum )

    this is just a note to anybody who hashad treatment with Sevil.She is curently in the uk and her new mobile number is 07547401836.she is in a place called west kirby
  11. chris25

    Smile Dental Turkey

    Top dentist in Kusadasi, was in his clinic last week, back in UK now :-( Very impressive, clean and modern. Murat down to earth and fun guy to talk to. Dentist Murat Yarenoglu (kusadasi) Tel: 0256 614 94 90 Email: Inonu Bulvari Turkmen Mahallesi, Bahcearasi...
  12. I

    TEFL or Dental Hygienist..

    Hello all, I will be in Istanbul for a few months starting this March. If things work out well, I'm hoping to get a different visa and stay for longer. Obviously, I would need a job if I plan to live in Turkiye for any extended amount of time. Here in the US, I'm a Dental Hygienist. I was told...
  13. sandpearse

    Dental hygienist

    On Monday I went to visit Bernadette in the Oasis (she advertises on here, see the banner on the left) to have my teeth cleaned and polished. When in the UK I used to go every 3 months, but shamefully it has been 3 years since I last went :-( I am posting this thread as I wanted to say how...
  14. chris25

    New Dental Clinic in Altinkum

    There is a New Dental Clinic Just opened on Ataturk Bulvari accross from the temple hotel next to maxi tour! The Dentist name is Sevil Pekmezci and the clinic Gentle Dental. She is a fantastic Dentist, her prices are great and her clinic is very clean and modern! I got a check up, clean and...
  15. T

    Dental work in Fethiye

    I am with a private dentist in the UK and have 6 crowns on the upperset of teeth at the front which are about 20 yrs old and have naturally deteriorated over time. The cost of cobalt bridges in the UK where all the crowns sit on the permanent bridge which is screwed into your jaw each side ,is...
  16. E

    Dental treatments in Fethiye

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