1. G

    UK phone No for Deniz Bank?

    Hi Does anyone know if I can use a uk mob Phone No for internet banking with Deniz bank? My turkish mob phone has been blocked by Turkcell, and they say I need to go to a turkcell shop to have it re-instated. I'm not sure if Deniz bank will change to uk no via a phone call from me. Any info...
  2. D

    Gym in Olu Deniz?

    Hi after a few years of not coming to Turkey we are holidaying in Olu Deniz this August. Just wondering if there are any gyms that are open to the public either in Olu Deniz or surrounding areas. Thanks in advance
  3. M

    Deniz bank information

    Hi, I am trying to phone the Deniz bank in Kusadasi from the UK and I am having trouble getting through. Does anyone know if Gizem Kahveci is still there and also is she the only person there that speaks good English. If anyone has the phone number for her that would be great. Thanks
  4. N

    E saving with deniz bank

    Does anybody do e savings with deniz bank if So is it user friendly can you change TL to Stirling Transphere money back to uk etc etc.
  5. C

    Olu Deniz tips (staying at Alize)

    Hi All Travelling to Olu Deniz at the end of this month & wondered if any of you good souls had any tips for activities or excursions nearby to the Alize Hotel? Our 5 year daughter will be with us but also other family members so either family friendly or older activity suggestions are...
  6. P

    Humidity in Olu Deniz

    Hi, I haven't been on here since last year but I need some advice if anyone can help. We were hoping to go to Olu Deniz or surrounding areas in June however I have been told it is very humid like Marmaris. We were in Bodrum last year and the weather was perfect. We like to mix it up a bit and...
  7. MrSimit

    Deniz Koleji, Guzelbahce

    Hello All, I'm currently in-country, investigating schools and homes for our pending relocation to Izmir. We had a very good presentation at Kent Koleji and MEV said it was not possible (our daughter doesn't speak any Turkish yet). We now have an appointment to go and see Deniz College in...
  8. K

    paragliding olu deniz

    hi all :3: just thought id post my latest video of me flying :48: iam back in scotland at the mo:14: and hoping to be back over next month :362jf: here is the link summer 2012a - YouTube
  9. K

    diving fromulo deniz

    just thought id post a short video of my recent diving trip :20: dive 2012 - YouTube enjoy
  10. beyazbayan

    Deniz bank buy-out

    Sberbank to Buy Dexia Unit Denizbank for $3.6 Billion ... ... OAO Sberbank of Russia, Eastern Europe's largest lender, bought Dexia SA's Turkish unit Denizbank AS for about $3.6 billion (2.9 billion ... Looks like İ now bank with the Russian state bank which was...
  11. J

    First time in Olu Deniz

    We usually holiday in Marmaris and have done for a years. This year we decided to try something different. We booked a wee holiday for my husband and myself in Olu Deniz, two weeks on 21st may this year . Very excited to be going somewhere different ! Would love some advice on where to go to eat...
  12. Lynda

    Deniz Otel

    Hi friends have asked us to meet up with them late on in September and suggested us booking at Deniz otel on Çalis Beach - does anyone know it?? Any info???
  13. E

    Olu Deniz in October

    Hi all I have been to Olu Deniz twice before but never in October. I was wondering if the shops/restaurants are still open and also what the weather is like? We're having to tie it in with half term so will be looking to travel around the 18th for 10/11 days. Many thanks in advance Emma
  14. K

    Places to eat & things to do in Olu Deniz

    Hi, :504xn: :388dd: We are staying at the Belchan Deluxe Hotel in Olu Deniz for 2 weeks. Can anyone recommend places to eat and things to do? Warm regards Kath
  15. lilacdiana

    Olu Deniz beach fees

    Does anyone know the cost of getting onto the beach at Olu Deniz. I am sure some will say don't bother but having looked at pictures for years now I feel we have to go and see it when we visit in the Summer!!! Di x
  16. O

    Table Top Sale - Akbuk - Mavi Deniz Sat 4th December

    Can't see it mentioned on here so I thought it might be worth posting in case people don't know! :)
  17. M

    Deniz Court Altinkum

    I know it's not the " Pyramids" but i have heard on, an unconfirmed, grapevine that Ayhan his having problems on this complex. Does anyone know what's going on ?
  18. C

    Deniz Court - TAPUS

    Has anyone with an apartment at Deniz Court had an email recently from Aymethomes regarding their TAPUS please? If you would prefer please send me a private message. Many thanks
  19. superpp

    Holiday Rental Apartment In Hisaronu / Olu Deniz

    Hi, We have a 3 bedroom apartment available for holiday rentals in a great location just 5 minutes walk from the center of Hisaronu and a few minutes from OluDeniz. Click: 3 bedroom, self-catering holiday apartment to rent in Hisaronu Turkey, nr Olu Deniz and Fethiye Paul
  20. N

    olu deniz to akbuk

    hi all we need to arrange travel from and to the above in july next year, hiring a car will be the last resort does anyone know if there a coach service into altinkum/akbuk? regards
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