1. A89

    demand 5 problems

    Anyone else unable to get any programs to play on Channel 5 iplayer? alison
  2. A89

    channel 4 on demand

    Is anyone else having problems watching channel 4 on demand today? It plays but its stopping and starting and really jerkey. Its been the same all day. Tried all the usual, restart everything, emptied cache etc. run CCleaner. No change.......annoying!!!!!!! alison
  3. A89

    demand 5 problems

    Is anyone else have problems watching demand 5 in the last few days? It plays fine for around 10-20 minutes then starts buffering a bit then more and more. I keep refreshing the page and it restarts but then starts buffering again. According to the website it was updated on July 6th which is...
  4. R

    On demand water heaters Vs. Boilers

    Not sure if this would be the right forum or if I am comparing apples to apples. In our area we are limited to Geothermal heating. It is a new building and it is not hooked up. Would cost about 3k TL to hook up. Cant get a straight answer. If the Geothermal heats our water or just the radiators...
  5. bickern

    Poles demand millions from Britain to pay their benefits

    Britain has been told to pay more than £10 million in unemployment benefit to eastern European migrants who have left Britain, returned home and now cannot find a job. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have demanded that Iain Duncan Smith’s department funds their jobless citizens because...
  6. LITCH

    Akbuk Council demanding money for sewage

    Dear all, I am in the middle of transferring title deed ownership to my ex husband as part of divorce proceedings. The title should have been transferred by the 4th June 2013 but ex has dragged his feet and it's still not through. Now the council are demanding 1200ytl for the new sewage system...
  7. suzyq

    Ryanair to cut fares 'aggressively' in face of weak demand

    I expect he will charge twice as much for baggage . Ryanair will launch 'aggressive' fare promotions this winter after harsh competition and weak bookings forced it to admit today that profits this year will disappoint investors. Shares in the budget airline plunged by as much as 15 per cent...
  8. U

    SGK Demand for money

    My husband and I had to start up a company to allow us to buy our land. We did this in 2011. Last week we received a demand for over 9,000 ytl, each.... We spoke to our accountant today and he said we need to produce UK government paperwork to show we are retired. Hy husband is 63, so of...
  9. ceemac

    Agencies demand legalization of temporary employment

    Private employment industry representatives are urging the government to pass a law regulating temporary employment. Despite the absence of such a law, many private employment agencies in Turkey today are providing such services outside the legal boundaries, sources familiar with the topic have...
  10. peter the postie

    Back by popular demand.... 911 conspiracies

    I have just watched last nights National Geographic programme on the 911 conspiracy theories. I'm now convinced that the vast majority of the supporters of this particular theory are paranoid loonies! The programme went into 911 in great detail, and as each theory surfaced it was tackled...
  11. B

    Payment Demand 8th September 2009

    Hi all, Afetr having returned from the Hillside early this am, I have just received the same e.mail many others of you will find in your inboxes this afternoon. There goes the central filtration and meter plus other requests again !!!! Not only that but we receive a clear threat of an...
  12. M

    Urgent demand for motorcycle

    Dear members, At the moment I am looking urgent for a secondhand motorcycle to buy. Does anyone has an offer ? It would help me a lot going to work each morning because the bussystems are not that nice to be on time. Thank you. MLS
  13. Andy

    TV on Demand

    BBC Trust provisionally approves on-demand TV. Wed Jan 31, 2007 By Kate Holton The BBC Trust has given the green light for a web-based on-demand TV service in a move which could revolutionise the way people watch television. The Trust, which oversees the BBC, provisionally approved the...
  14. M

    Is there a demand for Curry in Turkey?

    Would you go to an Indian Restaurant in Turkey? I have been in the Indian Restaurant business in the UK for some time now. I would love to move to Turkey and still be able to carry on the same trade. If I were to open an Indian Restaurant in Turkey, would it be feasable? Does anyone miss the...
  15. merlin

    Turkish PM to Demand End to Cyprus Deadlock....

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will address “powerful messages” to world leaders in the US visit he is to start on Monday, September 12. In his third visit to US in 2005, Erdogan is to attend United Nations (UN) World Summit, which he regards as an important opportunity to...
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