1. MiddleEarth

    New Line of Linux Dell Laptops

    Dell's line of Linux laptops "expands to include new MacBook Pro competitor | shaves $101.50 off the price of the laptop, so you can get some nice savings by cutting that Windows license out of your laptop purchase." "There are no additional pieces of software or drivers provided by Dell, which...
  2. juco

    Free dell latitude laptop keyboard

    Anyone looking for a Dell latitude D600 keyboard I have one with one key missing if its any use to anyone (UK) just pay for postage £1.90.
  3. keny

    dell computer

    Does anyone out there own a dell computer bought recently?I've contacted dell in the Uk and they say you cannot get a dell computer in turkey.If you look on their international site there is a turkish dell site advertising dell computers.This would seem to suggest there is either a dell assembly...
  4. keny

    dell computer

    Hello all, Does anyone know where I can buy a dell computer in Altinkum/Turkey preferably with an english keyboard, and english windows- I,m only lookig for a basic model?Thanks in anticipation. Keny.
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