1. V

    2021 Is it normal for my phone to take 2 weeks to arrive?

    Hi I bought a General Mobile GM21 Pro on Amazon on Oct 30, and it said it was supposed to be delivered today, on Nov 5th a Friday. However today the status on the order changed, saying now the scheduled delivery date is Thursday of next week. Then I got an email from Amazon TR, "...
  2. gam101

    Question UPS courier delivery to Turkey

    Ola again folks! I didn't know where to file this under. I am hoping to receive a UPS package from the U.S. and upon checking the online status I saw this; "Importer Power of Attorney documentation is required for clearance. We're working to obtain this information. / We've contacted the...
  3. N

    Dubai free food delivery

    This is how dubai,s government is encouraging people to stay put Free groceries for everyone
  4. ibrahimwoah

    Why Amazon??

    I don't know about you but Amazon never tells me the Turkish delivery company they're going to use when my packages enter Turkey. The tracker claims it's been 3 days since it's been "out for delivery". So, I'd usually go to the delivery building itself to ask someone there, but I can't. Because...
  5. suzyq

    Delivery man rips earrings out of young girls ears

    Sinking to new depths. Doesn't say when it happened or whereabouts. Man rips earrings from young girl's ears in Turkey in LiveLeak clip | Daily Mail Online
  6. M

    passport delivery

    having waited for three weeks for my new passport i have today received a letter from dx ,the carriers used by the passport office, that their attempt to deliver my passport failed which is a blatant lie as they have never attempted to deliver the passport.they have then asked to go to their...
  7. S

    IKEA TURKEY 2014- Delivery cost

    Hi everyone, I am about to move to my place in Side, Antalya and want to furnish it completely with Ikea - so a very large shop. Reading the threads many of them are from 06-08 . Does anyone know what I can expect to pay for delivery now in 2014? My plan would be to make a list of what I want...
  8. B

    Beer delivery

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know if any of the shops in Dalaman will deliver a crate of beer? I thank you..
  9. S

    Shopping delivery

    Morming all! I've found some supermarkets in the Bodrum area have online grocery shopping. Is it possible to have it delivered for cash on delivery? We're going self catering at the Seray Class Apartments for 2 weeks from 29/07. Thank you all Em x
  10. L

    help - Van delivery between Turkey and UK

    Help required someone told us about a white van man does collection and deliveries to and from uk Turkey Turkey uk name orient express does anyone have his number please
  11. S

    Royal Heights Spa & Migros Delivery

    Hi, Does anyone know the contact details for the Royal Heights Spa? (Email address). Need to book some treatments in advance. Has the management changed again this year? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, we are hoping to order groceries online and get them delivered on the...
  12. SLEEPY

    Free book delivery

    With the TLF MegaStore still closed for refurbishment I know that alot of you still like to get between the covers of a real book rather than those Kindle thingies.This may help with free delivery world wide. Free delivery worldwide on all books from The Book Depository
  13. Z

    Van Delivery between UK and Turkey

    I thought it may be of interest to some of you to know that a friend of mine has recently set up a UK registered Delivery/Removal Company for full or part loads and, in a legitimate working partnership with a large Worldwide Freight Company with offices throughout Turkey, intends to operate a...
  14. M

    Supermarket Home Delivery Shopping

    Hi All, two years ago we used Migros very successfully to deliver our home shopping to our house in Akyaka quite a few times whilst we were there. (Ok I admit ordering ice cream was perhaps not sensible.. serves me right !) Last year the website didn't allow anything and now I have revisited...
  15. W

    Water Delivery

    Hi, I have just moved into the area from Gokcebel and love it here! Could someone please let me have a contact number for a water guy with a Tractor as I can't get a full Tanker to my house because of all the road works? It has been the same for 7 weeks, up to my hub-caps in mud and no bins...
  16. B

    Labor & Delivery (Denizli)

    I am to give birth in May, Do you have any advice for what to bring to the hospital? I have 3 children all in US and the hospitals supplied EVERYTHING - diapers, blankets, baby shampoo, anything you could ask for - but I heard here you have to bring everything. Any suggestions? We will be at a...
  17. G

    Koctas Delivery Charges

    Hi, Does anyone know how Koctas work out their delivery charges? I have been charges 125 lira for delivery to site plus another 45 lira to bring to my 4th floor apt!!! Charge seems high to me!!!!
  18. SonnyJim

    Next online delivery to Turkey!

    I have read on here that some of you have ordered from Next online. I made an order last week, it arrived in Istanbul on Saturday - Great! Just had a call from DHL to say they want approx 100tl to release the package from customs as it is over a certain weight!!!!! Anyone had the same...
  19. Y

    Home delivery services

    I've recently discovered the wonderful convenience of home delivery from Migros - a great help to me in this weather with no transport of my own and some health problems right now I wondered about other home delivery services available in Fethiye .... for example anywhere selling imported food...
  20. B

    IKEA, IZMIR -delivery to villages

    I've seen on the Ikea site that they don't deliver to villages. We live 30 odd miles away from Marmaris and often have problems getting the simplest things delivered. Will the transport companies deliver to their depot in Marmaris so you can collect?
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