1. Yalides

    Home deliveries

    That will keep me going for a week or so....
  2. D

    No More Water Tank Deliveries???

    Hi all I have just received this email from my site Manager in Koyunbaba advising Government has banned sites from buying water by Tank. "This is to inform you that we have a real strange problem at the moment and I don't know when it will be solved. A few days ago the government in Ankara has...
  3. angiesco

    Fragrance deliveries to Turkey....

    ....has anyone had any problems recently? There is one internet site, that is no longer delivering to Turkey. Has anyone ordered anything recently and had it delivered, without any problems, from any other sites? Angie.
  4. D


    We have been informed there is a British Guy going to do Pork Deliveries to Alanya and local area very soon. Prices:- 1 kilo of Fresh Pork = 40 lira. 1 Kilo of Imported Bacon = 40 lira. 1 kilo of Imported Sausage = 40 lira. 1 kilo of Spicy Chicken Sausage = 24 lira. 10 Sausage Rolls = 20...
  5. immac

    Migros Home Deliveries

    Annoyingly, Migros only deliver in the 'tourist' areas during the summer months. Anyway they have started the service in a number of the resort towns, including Fethiye and Gocek, this week. So use the on-line ordering service while it is available and perhaps, if they get enough business, they...
  6. S

    small deliveries from UK

    Hi Does anyone have a contact for someone who will take small amounts of boxes (house hold) goods over to Turkey from UK and preferably soon !!
  7. lorraine

    Fast & Fair Deliveries!

    Windows express delivery!! I see some sights but today was stood at the end of the drive and could not resist taking these snapshots!! Thinking it through Positioning is so important! How far do you think he got? :crazy:
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