1. spitfire

    Motion sensor £3.30 delivered

    I got one of these last year for our apartment after reports of burglaries in the area. They have now been reduced to £3.30 delivered on Amazon. The siren is really loud and would alert anyone around. There are 2 remotes included as well. You can plug a 6v transformer in too so no need for...
  2. A89

    Does your post get delivered?

    I just wondered if all over Turkey theres a problem with getting your mail delivered. Ive had 2 different apartments over 6-7 years and Ive NEVER received anything thats been sent to me at either address! I now have a postal box at the main PTT in Alanya, before that I had to have everything...
  3. gerald

    Hewlett Packard (HP) C7280 Wireless all in one printer £54.99 delivered

    Hewlett Packard (HP) C7280 Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax From Play dot com If you are after a good quality and versatile new printer then this is an excellent deal. Specs here (may be a bit slow to load pdf document) First found on
  4. Debby

    British Food Delivered here..

    I apologise if this has been mentioned before but thought id share the website with you all.. I love living here and the fabulous food but I do get cravings for things back home and this site is fab..its like doing a Tesco shop online !! If there are products you want but are not on the site...
  5. R

    Shopping delivered to your door in Kus

    A friend has started a grocery shoping service in the silver sands area.She will do any amount of shopping for you from Migros and deliver it to your door for a fixed fee of 15 ytl.(plus the cost of the shopping of course)Pm if anyone wants the phone number. :cell:
  6. J

    asking for items to be delivered

    We would like to shop in Serik but lots of shop owners do not speak English. How do we ask "when can you deliver" and "we will pay cash on delivery" does anyone know if in fact shops operate cash on delivery basis in Turkey
  7. Marc

    Efes in the UK £1.23/330cl Delivered

    Went a-looking for Efes just to satisfy the evenings when I reminisce the wonderful times in Turkey and couldn't find a link on the forum for buying the stuff over here, READ: Tried searching EFES UK - nothing relevant gave up went for google and after a few minutes found a few, this one was...
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