1. tykatem

    Scottish culinary delights!!!!

    Not content with messing up Mars Bars they are now ruining perfectly good butter by you guessed it........having it deep fried. After the success of the deep fried Mars Bar, chefs in Scotland have devised the ultimate high-calorie snack with deep fried butter balls. The dessert, made from...
  2. bickern

    For those yet to experiens the delights of Turkey

    You know it makes sense Turkish toilet in Istanbul - Turecka toaleta w Istambule - YouTube
  3. bobthenob

    Turkish Delights History

    l copied this from Global oneness.A very interesting article on the history of this chewy sweet.l love this sweet,so l was keen to find out more of how it orginally came about. here is the article. Turkish Delight - Origin The history of lokum dates back 230 years, making it one of the oldest...
  4. merlin

    Medley of Turkish delights....

    Article from The Daily Pilot (California) As my oldest grandson graduated from USC, he said he wished to visit Troy for his first foreign trip. Given the richness of Turkish history and religion, and the number of archeological and military sites, I was game. The land is a fabled feast for...
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