1. alba

    Turkish delight....

    Just had a fantastic week in Dalaman.... Weather, food and company great. Roll on July.
  2. V

    Turkish Delight

    I have tried Akdeniz and Boneti and find them gummy and chewy, but had the most delicious honey lokum in a hotel in Antalya and would love to know where to buy it. It was delicious and soft and not artificial tasting like some....Haci Bekir is said to be the best but I haven't tried it or seen...
  3. K

    Turkish Delight Turns Sour - Alexander hills

    Turkish Delight Turns Sour I am sure, in common with many Owners, I looked forward to enjoying care free time in the sun once all the legal and other formalities associated with buying property abroad were sorted out. Unfortunately, this pipe-dream has never materialised and the latest event...
  4. Firebrand

    Radio 4 programme 'Turkish Delight' about the Turkish community in Britain

    BBC iPlayer - Turkish Delight? For anyone able to access IPlayer. I haven't listened to it yet, but the Guardian said of it: Turkish Delight? (Radio 4) began and ended with kebabs. But, as presenter Yasmeen Khan noted, "very little is known about the community behind them". One woman who grew...
  5. M

    fresh turkish delight

    anyone know how much the fresh turkish delight is a kilo and also where the best place is to buy it from in side.
  6. A

    Turkish delight

    My Love Affair Relaxing here on my reclining chair Eyes are shaded from the suns bright glair Reading a good book, with drink in hand Body is turning brown, as it’s tanned Smells of eastern spices fill the air This is all part of my love affair Across the valley, though the heat haze Views...
  7. zuberdust

    Help with lokum / turkish delight

    well have been trying to make this and used 2 recipes... the first one was an ok recipe using gelatine, but know that its not authentic... so i looked up another recipe not using it but using alot of cornflour etc.... anyway , they both worked out fine but second one was better... now heres my...
  8. ceemac

    Mezze dishes are the real Turkish delight

    At Turkish restaurants, the most delicious food is always the mezze. Varied, copious and packed with interesting textures and flavours, it’s easy to forget that this is just the first course. When the main course is proudly produced, it’s often hard to summon up enthusiasm for the frankly rather...
  9. ceemac

    Turkish Dating Site Offers Free Box of Turkish Delight if Users Can’t Find Their Turk

    TurkishDirect is one of the most popular Turkish dating sites on the web. This website allows Turkish men and women to post their personals and to search for prospective singles for dating. They are so confident about the effectiveness of their dating website that they have announced an...
  10. Gamuret

    Turkish Delight for 2010

    Lets hope that they are right. We could do with some good news, for once! Property News | Turkish delight for 2010
  11. L

    sailing dinghy(turkish delight)

    we have for sale a 4.44mtr sailing dinghy 12mths old made in izmir. fibreglass hull fully gel-coated water tight front locker. furling genoa slab reefing on mainsail boom cover other extras included .plus launching trolley. there is also a 2.5hp johnson outboard hardly used . lying in akbuk...
  12. A

    Turkish delight website

    Just looking for feedback on our site for our apartment at Sultan Way in Altinkum Still trying to get it optimised on the search engines Also just started to build one for the local football club Using a program called Fusion to build the sites. Just...
  13. C

    Boom in Turkish delight sales

    JTW News The Boom in Turkish Food Sector According to Britain's supermarkets, the appearance of Turkish delight in the movie, The Chronicle's of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe led a rising demand and the delights in the shelves run short of. Tesco has reported that sales...
  14. merlin

    Haggling in Istanbul is the real Turkish delight.... Just read this article on Istanbul and would like to share with you all.... Mehmet looked at me with stern eye. “Eight million lira,” he said. I glanced back at him, then down at the small, handpainted bowl. Eight million… What was that? About seven bucks. I winced, as if in pain...
  15. A

    Turkish Delight!

    Does anyone know if Mendoz export their turkish delight as I am running very low of the supplies I bought in Calis Beach.......
  16. Mushtaq


    Yield: 1 servings 2 c Sugar 2 tb Cornstarch 1 c Water 1/2 ts Cream of tartar 1 tb Flavoring * Food coloring ** 1/2 c Toasted nuts, chopped *** Confectioners' sugar Procedure * Flavorings: rose, mastic, strawberry...
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