1. newhorizon

    Help- How to recover deleted photos

    I want to know if there is any way to recover deleted photos? Unfortunately these were not backed up as the device I had them on failed suddenly and had to be sent away. Photos were on 2 locations:- 1) -They were on my mobile phone (an android handset) that acquired water damage in January...
  2. Akasya

    Closed threads , deleted posts

    This forum is free to all users , mods are unpaid volunteers , acting in the " best interests " of the board. It must be soul destroying having to patrol our posts , after a short while it must be so repetitive and in many cases so predictable. None of us have any rights , the owner , Mushtaq...
  3. chrissypaul

    Deleted thread

    A thread that i just posted RE SACK SUAREZ as been deleted could someone please explain why ? I DID NOT SEE IT AS OFFENSIVE IN ANY FORM OR NO WORSE THAN SOME OF THE OTHER POSTS ON HERE :132lm: Apoligies if any one was offended
  4. newhorizon

    How can you tell if a thread has been deleted or Moved?

    Yesterday I was trying to view a thread that I'd contributed to:- Turkish Living Forums it had the message 'Moved' next to it, which normally when clicked on link takes you to new location of the thread. Instead, it brought me to a admin type screen informing me I do not have privileges to...
  5. KKOB

    Yardim Thread - Accidently Deleted

    Sorry about the "Yardim thread" that's gone missing. I accidently deleted the whole thread while doing a bit of tidying up. I can't reinstate it so I've PMd turkishturkish this morning and asked them to re-post it. :roundgrin
  6. A

    chrıstmas dınner post deleted

    Hı everyone. I posted message regardıng fun Sundays and Chrıstmas dınner that İ have booked at Tempo restaraunt. I receıved one reply from somebody called sausage kıng. İ dont know thıs person but he seems to thınk ı am someone called Metın. Well İ am not metın. My post has been removed and İ...
  7. B

    Forum deleted

    Hi, I open a forum on your web page but i can not see it now. I think it is deleted. Is anybady inform me regarding this subject? Best regards.
  8. leylaasena

    Deleted PM

    I've just deleted a PM without reading it- Yes,I'm having a bad day and it's just too hot to think !!!!!! So if you've PM'd me in the last couple of days and not had an answer could to try again - I promise I wont delete it this time !!!!!
  9. J

    Deleted Posts

    Ok... hands up - who deleted my post (and Starmans) from the "Mushtaqs phone" thread? The comments while being jocular, were still marginally on topic. Or are we only allowed to be humerous inside certain sections? And don't say it was moderation, that was censorship. I thought things had...
  10. Mushtaq

    Topic Deleted

    I had an email from Pinny to delete his post regarding his problems with The Turkish Property Centre and Turkish Homes. I had to delete the whole topic, as just deleting his posts would make a mess of the topic. I hope he gets his issues sorted out and finds his home in Turkey. Let us know...
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