1. tomc1984

    Pegasus delays

    Anyone ever had to try and claim compensation from Pegasus for delays. We recently missed a connecting flight due to Pegasus delay and were forced to stay overnight in a hotel and book new flights the next day, extra expense obviously incurred. Pegasus basically saying tough **** but that they...
  2. P

    Connecting flight delays

    Hi, we're considering a January visit to Marmaris so no direct flights to DLM but stop overs/connecting flights with Pegasus in Sabiha Gokcen airport. Incoming is fine but return journey would mean a wait time of over 9 hours before the flight home to London. We don't fancy this! Are we allowed...
  3. N

    Dover delays

    I really don't understand the motives behind such stringent check ups by the French police at the port of Dover. Is it a one off checking like this? If it is then surely any would be terrorist would abandon his plan and wait for another day. And in any case most of them travel by road from...
  4. Tommie

    Serious delays at some UK airports

    If you are flying today then there has been an issue at the ATC centre at Swanwick and all flights may be subject to serious delays due to knock-on effects. Incoming flights have been given priority over outgoing flights. Due to the vast no of flights, there is no telling when flights will...
  5. altinkum kev

    Flight delays from UK

    Air traffic control problems in UK this afternoon , many flights maybe delayed ,anyone going to pick up at Bodrum etc should check first ,problems mostly in the south.
  6. pineapple1

    Gatwick Flt Delays !!!

    There are flight delays at gatwick these include easy jet flights .. Emergency landing disrupts flights - Yahoo! News UK
  7. ceemac

    Volcano airline delays: Can I claim compensation?

    Just making this a separate thread as the volcanic ash one is getting a little cluttered with information. Some questions answered over current air passenger's dilemmas. What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled? If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you booked your flight...
  8. G

    Delays in getting TAPU

    Hi All, I have physical possession of my off-plan appartment but am still waiting on the deeds for over 1.5yrs now. I have already paid 2,500 euros to Kazmaz solicitiors in Bodrum to pursue it for me and they seem to be getting nowhere. I reasoned the delay were due to the recent changes in...
  9. M

    Tapu Delays in Altinkum still ?

    we have sold our apartment to an english couple who have paid us a deposit back in august. we both paid the agent commission as they put us in touch with each other, but we all want to complete asap but the agents are saying the millatary check is not complete any ideas how long all this should...
  10. S

    Tapu Delays?

    Can anyone tell me how long Tapu's are currently taking to come through. Aware earlier on in year there was a backlog but wondered what the situation is now. Bought in the Bodrum Pen. in May and have heard nothing yet, is this unusual? Thanks
  11. merlin

    Flight Cancellations and Delays, the Law....

    The European Union has passed a new regulation which could see thousands of pounds a year being paid back to disgruntled passengers in the event of flight cancellations or delays. Name: EU Regulation 261/2004 Date Passed: 11 February 2005 Became Law: 17 February 2005 How does it work...
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