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    I just wondered if anybody had any experience of using an electric dehumidifier? A one with about 20 litre capacity. Thoughts if they help with controlling damp? I don’t live out all year around and have the ability to turn it on/off when at home. For example an hour or two every other day? Any...
  2. A


    Looking to buy a De-Humidifier, have tried Tekzen at karia port they have none, anyone know where i could purchase one
  3. S

    White Goods Needed

    Hi. Anyone selling a - Large Fridge Freezer, - Dishwasher, - De-humidifier - Gas hob/oven - Microwave - a small double bed - Book shelfs - left over tiles for a small Bathroom - Kitchen units - Wardrobes Etc. Or anyone knows anywhere where I can buy them cheap? Any advice/help would be...
  4. steve & sue

    Dehumidifier for sale

    I have a dehumidifier for sale which was bought from Koctas in November 07, it was 429TL & hardly used. It has air clean & laundry mode buttons with a 9 hour timer and super quiet mode, the instructions are in English & Turkish. It is small, lightweight & on wheels for easy moving, also easy...
  5. no-nem

    Dehumidifier for sale.

    For sale,Isisan-Highlife CFZO 2BD/A 12litre dehumidifier for sale, due to surplus req. As new condition. 300ytl.
  6. smithy

    Dehumidifier - Bodrum

    Can anyone tell me where in the Bdorum area i can buy a dehumidifier? Thanks Moira
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