1. S

    Definition of a scumbag

    I think if you look up " ba$tard" in a dictionary this reptiles picture would be there Anguish of paralysed Northern Ireland teen as ex-boyfriend accused over crash weds while on the run -
  2. W

    Definition of Jihadi ?

    Well - cant see this in the Oxford Dictionary ! Can you? Boris Johnson claims porn-obsessed Islamic jihadists are 'literally w*****s' - People - News - The Independent "Citing a report from MI5 on the profile of jihadis, the mayor of London said: “If you look at all the psychological profiling...
  3. arrian

    Definition of diet...........

    D. I. E. T. 'did I eat that'!!!!!!
  4. Yalides

    Definition of a true friend

  5. Squeaky

    Definition of Hypocrisy

    Good afternoon: While reading the paper today I noticed an article which made me wonder about the meaning of the word “hypocrisy”. I’ve had a quick look on line and think that the article I was reading fits this definition: –noun 1The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that...
  6. SuperBogs

    Australian Definition of a Canadian - (Fabulous compliment)

    Once in a while someone does a nice job of describing a Canadian, this time it was an Australian dentist. An Australian Definition of a Canadian In case anyone asks you who a Canadian is . . . You probably missed it in the local news, but there was a report that someone in Pakistan had...
  7. T

    Definition of Construction Contract Terminology

    Sub-Contractor: A gambler who never gets to shuffle or deal. Tender Submission: A poker game in which the losing hand wins. Tender Sum: A wild guess carried through to two decimal points. Successful Tender: A contractor who is...
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