1. T

    Does Erdogan’s hatred of Assad run so deep that he would court terrorists?

    A good article that gives the world an insight into Erdogan's dirty work. Does Erdogan?s hatred of Assad run so deep that he would court terrorists? - Telegraph Whether its only hatred of Assad I am not so sure but each person will have their own personal ideas about that.
  2. J

    Deep Sea Fishing in Alanya

    Hello all Hope someone could help me and my friends? Have noticed people speaking at turkishliving about deep sea fishing but did not find any contact details. We are three men with our families visiting Alanya during 16.10 - 23.10. on holidays and we would like to try deep sea fishing (3...
  3. J

    Deep sea fishing

    My son and grandson are coming over from the Uk to stay with us in Oba for a short holiday and would like to do some deep sea fishing. Can anyone recommend a good fishing charter boat or company who can offer either half day or full day fishing for 3 to 4 people at a reasonable price. thanks...
  4. G

    Deep sea fishing Alanya to Mahmutlar

    Hi all, Even though I have been coming over to the area for ages I still have not got to take some of the trips as have been caught up with the usual tapu courts roundabout but hoping finally to retire out here as finally have the properties free and clear. so time to chillax. We have friends...
  5. giglets

    Jon Lord (Deep Purple) Dies.

    A true Legend of Rock has left us. RIP Sir. BBC News - Jon Lord, founder of Deep Purple, dies aged 71
  6. KKOB

    What If I Dig A Very Deep Hole ?

    Have you ever wondered where you'd end up if you dug a hole straight down to the other side of the world ? Tall Eye - If I dig a very deep hole, where will I end up?
  7. Andy

    UK in Recession

    As from today the UK is now officially in Recession the first time since 1991. How has it affected you so far ? Have you noticed a difference ? Do you Care ? Is YOUR job safe ?
  8. J

    Deep Valley, Yalikavak

    Hi all. I've been following this forum for a while now and learned a lot from reading through your various exchanges, so thought it was about time I introduced myself. My husband and I have bought an apartment from Harmony Homes - Deep Valley, Yalikavak - which is due for completion in the...
  9. P

    How deep does the water get?

    Hi pete from blighty here again How gradual does the depth of the sea run from the beaches in Akbuk ? In Olu Deniz it goes from 1" to 20 fathoms in 2 feet lol Not good for someone like me who only has a red swimming badge lol Mind you good for a speedboat i guess so , anyone advise the...
  10. Andy

    Digging Deep

    One day little Johnny was digging a hole when his neighbour seeing him there decides to investigate. Watcha doin Johnny " he asks " My Goldfish died and i'm burying him, replies Johnny. But thats an awfully big hole for a Goldfish, is'nt it Johnny asks the neighbour. Little Johnny shouts back...
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