Xmas decorations

    Must be the first member to put up my Xmas decorations.
  2. hijo

    Xmas Trees & Decorations...

    ...... how about some photos from our members of their xmas Tree,s & Decorations..put ours up a couple of days ago...Bah Humbug ...... :50:
  3. hijo

    Christmas tree & decorations..

    ..took the whole day yesterday to put up the tree and the decorations at our apartment.....would be nice to see photos of other members decorations..
  4. M

    Christmas Decorations

    Please can anyone advise me of where I can buy a quantity of christmas decorations e.g. Garland etc or does anyone know of anyone who is selling off such stuff due to closure etc. Many Thanks Gill
  5. M

    Christmas Decorations

    Hi can anyone advise me of where I can buy a quantity of christmas decorations e.g. Garlands etc:49: Or of any business that may be getting rid of such stuff due to closure. Many Thanks Gill
  6. A

    Birthday decorations

    Where in fethiye can i get childrens birthday decorations, banners, napkins, cups, etc , wanting mickey mouse theme really ?? thanks
  7. C

    Wedding Decorations

    A friend asked me if there is anywhere on the Bodrum Peninsula she can get hold of UK-style wedding decorations - congratulations banners, helium balloons, table decs - that sort of thing. I couldn't think of anywhere. Do any TLF'ers have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)
  8. peter the postie

    Why its bad luck to leave your decorations up too long

    I've often wondered how the suspicions regarding leaving xmas decorations up after 12th night arose. Here's the explanation

    xmas decorations

    I love Christmas decorations , getting all the lights up and the decorations on the house, usually takes us a weekend depending on the weather to get the house dressed. I love when i drive home to see the house sparkling with all the different lights. So roll on the 1st December. I hope...
  10. T

    christmas decorations

    hi,can anyone point me in the right direction as to were i can buy christmas decorations in fethiye i.e. fibre optic tree and outside lights regards tony
  11. Lindy

    Wedding in Turkiye - venue decorations

    An English friend of mine who lives in Turkiye is getting married in Sept at a hotel in Ovacik. The hotel she is using rely on outside companies arranging the flowers, table decorations, etc. She has tried a company in Fethiye but was shocked at the cost of well over £1000 GBP just to decorate...
  12. D

    Christmas decorations

    Today we went to Metro to go look for some bits and pieces for the house and they have just got the christmas decorations in.Lots of choice of garlands,lights and such ,i almost forgot i was in Turkey at 1 point i got so carried away with the candles and lights lol.
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