1. Y

    The need for decoration pollution detection

    The need for decoration pollution detection Since more than 80% of the people of the time spent in the city, indoor air pollution exceeded four major culprit (formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC) will directly endanger the health of you and your family, especially the old, the weak , the sick...
  2. M

    Christmas Decoration

    Hi can anyone advise me of where I can buy a quantity of Christmas Decorations e.g.garland etc or does anyone know of any business that may be getting rid of such stuff. Many Thanks Gill
  3. YogiPJ

    Venue Decoration

    Hi Does anybody know of a person/company that does "professional" not tacky decoration for events such as parties/weddings etc. Maybe you have used somebody who did an excellent job at a decent price? We are talking venue decoration such as chairs, flowers, hoops with floral decoration, all...
  4. M

    Free 'Insideout' Magazine, about home decoration.

    Hi all, Click on link, fill out your details and they'll send you a copy of the monthly magazine.
  5. N

    Repainting and Decoration?

    I have just given a guy the go ahead to paint the inside stairs of our apartment block as it looks a mess and we want to sell. I never consulted my neighbors about the choice of color figuring if it was painted white then there would be no worries about color matching in future when bits get...
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