1. H

    Decorating supplies in Dalyan

    Hi there. Can anyone advise me on the best place in Dalyan to buy decorating supplies - paint, brushes, rollers etc please? I will be having a decorating splurge next week and need to get the necessary items as soon as I arrive in Dalyan. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Still decorating

    Has anyone got contact details of an english speaking decorator who is reliable tidy asnd rteasonable? Past experience not good especially the mess left after .Any help would be appreciated. Dave
  3. M


    Hi Would like to know if anyone has used the lovely familly who own the restaurant on silver beach to decorate their house?Thanks for your help. Dave
  4. L

    Painting & Decorating - Yalikavak

    Looking for rough cost for painting Inside & outside 2 bed villa, also any recommendations please.
  5. N

    DIY decorating question

    Does anyone know if wallpaper steamers will get off the paint which was painted on the plastered walls when the house was built 25 years ago. I've been trying to strip off the layers of paper for three days and now I'm left with patches of wall which has paint on and is bare in other areas. I'm...
  6. C

    Painting and Interior Decorating Service

    Hi All, Just wanted to mention that I have found a really good family run business offering painting (Interior and exterior) and interior work (kitchens, lighting, ceramics, flooring and design). So many of us organise this through our estate agent/property management company and end up paying...
  7. Phil Johns

    Season of good will & for decorating

    I have to be carefull how I word this so I dont upset our moderators. Now the decorating and those little jobs you have been meaning to do season is here I just wanted to say if you are in the Didim area I am able to help you out. But no mice pies in exchange, thank you!!!!
  8. F

    decorating an apartment

    hi there - new to forum, have a place in Altinkum. We are going out there in May for a month are are desperate to decorate the apartment as it is an awful shade of apricot. Questions: - Does anyone know a decent decorator in the Altinkum area? - What should I expect to pay for a five...
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