1. J

    Charlottesville, US . State of emergency declare.

    Charlottesville: State of emergency over US far-right rally - BBC News Far Right march clashes with Antifa and other protestors. National Guard on standby.
  2. bickern

    Five parties declare support for joint presidential candidate

    The question is, will it be enough? I gather many are of the opinion no, and RTE has got it sewed up. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Five parties declare support for joint presidential candidate Leaders of five opposition parties released a joint...
  3. M

    How much to declare as the sales price of a property

    Hi I am currently buying a property (well trying to , its seems so confusing to me!!) anyway me and the seller have agreed on £46500.00 as the sales price their solicitor has told me that they are only going to delclare the sales price as 70,000.00 TL now my conversion makes this as a hell...
  4. Lyndsey

    Anything to declare? Airport officials find drugged tiger cub suitcase.

    At first glance it looked to airport officials like just another stuffed toy in a suitcase. But on closer inspection, the tiny tiger cub was found to be real and alive but unconscious after it was drugged. Shocked police then arrested the woman owner of the luggage at Suvarnabhumi Airport in...
  5. G

    Palestinians Should Now Declare Their Independence

    Please read this moving article, by Johann Hari, on the plight of the Palestinians. :38: Palestinians Should Now Declare Their Independence | Here's an excerpt:"On the West Bank, the land-theft continues. To protect the settlers and their programme of taking Palestinian land...
  6. cokdeli

    Thats it, I declare myself officially old!

    Today I was at the hospital having an assessment for an operation in two weeks time. I picked up a magazine to pass the time, and found the mag really interesting. It had a fantastic recipe, some really good mail order stuff. Great articles on health, including arthritis, as I am riddled with...
  7. hisa4us

    Kurdish guerrillas declare new truce

    Its just been announced that the PKK has declared a new ceasfire and hopefully this fantastic news will lead to a new confidence in the tourism and property market. This is the news im sure we have all been waiting to hear and must say congratulations on the "terrorist groups" new stance and...
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