1. Tenpin

    Nicola Sturgeon forced to make U-turn over ‘ludicrous’ decision to ban men from seat Extract: NICOLA Sturgeon's party has been forced to make a U-turn on a "ludicrous" decision to bar a sitting male SNP politician from seeking re-election and having an...
  2. S

    UK govt court appeal re court decision

    Trying to get my head around what is exactly at stake in next months appeal. Be good if some of the members with more insight on this can keep us right. Is this correct- if the govt wins their appeal they do not need Parliamentary approval to commence Brexit, but if they lose they do? Also as...
  3. immac

    RTE Important Decision

    Bloomberg reporting that RTE says Turkish Cabinet will make an "important decision" tomorrow (Wed). But nobody is saying what it is! Turkey?s Erdogan Says Cabinet Will Make ?Important Decision? - Bloomberg Ian
  4. I

    Coming to a decision - leaving Turkey

    As you will know, my mum is in hospital now and please God when she makes a recovery she will need care and doesn't want to leave her house which is a melded dwelling with my flat. Istanbul and Turkey has lost its charm for me; I can't work here legally, I have hardly any students and I can't...
  5. teosgirl

    10 years since America took the decision to invade another

    Is there an anniversary to commemorate the deaths of all those Afghan and Iraqi innocent men, women and children who have been slaughtered by the military campaigns in their own countries? I think today I'll be remembering the thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq who have lost...
  6. Yogi

    Good decision?

    Have I made the right decision putting my money into Turkey? I am a long way off retiring (25 years ish) so have bought in Turkey for 2 reasons, primarily as an investment and also as a holiday home for our family for a few weeks a year. When I bought the economy was strong and people are on...
  7. T

    Judge's Decision

    Can anyone tell me how long it normally takes to for a Judge to issue his decision in writng please?. Thanks
  8. ceemac

    Did EU court err on Greek Cypriots’ properties decision?

    The Cypriot government has termed a European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) decision which declared as non-admissible the applications of eight Greek Cypriots claiming their properties, constitutes a negative development, saying that the decision creates a series of problems, which will be...
  9. ceemac

    Was holding World Cup in SA a wise decision?

    The football World Cup in South Africa will be played in front of fewer than half of the expected number of foreign fans. That's according to the governing body Fifa, which expects to make a marginal loss on the 2010 World Cup. Here C
  10. altinkum kev

    Stupid decision

    First of all well done to ever body who took place in the swim for dogs on Boxing Day it was a great bit of fun. Now to my moan ,the day before Christmas eve a representative of the belediye came to my area to remove a street dog that had been complained about and allegedly bitten a Turk well...
  11. KKOB

    I wonder If It Was A Spit Decision ?

    Sex Pistols singer John Lydon has reformed his second most famous band, Public Image Ltd., for a string of shows. Lydon reforms Public Image Ltd. - Yahoo! News UK
  12. ceemac

    Strange Decision?

    Russian and Greek Orthodox Christian worshippers have been refused permission to light candles at a former monastry in Trabzon. Here Not sure about this law but they say it would apply to Muslims too... C
  13. N

    Tax reduction deadline decision day

    A good article in TODAYS ZAMAN starts as follows; "Gov’t announces final decision on tax incentives today. The government will announce its final decision on whether to extend temporary tax reductions for certain sectors, discounts that were introduced as part of a stimulus package nearly...
  14. Ms Who

    Parliment Decision

    Regarding the suspension of TAPUs, the case has now been heard in parliment and they are now sending notification to the TAPU Managers throughout the county with the changes on foreign land purchase, percentage of build and land near military areas - the following is in Turkish and my...
  15. G

    Decision made & handed in notice

    I'm sure most of you know that Gary and I have had our place (our dream home) in Turgutreis for 5 years and it has always tugged at our hearts. We bought the house to one day go and live in it but thought it would be in maybe 2010, well our circumstances have changed and we are now in a position...
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