1. bickern

    Top Turkish court set to decide length of Gül's term

    Turkey's Constitutional Court said on Thursday it would hold a hearing next week on whether President Abdullah Gül's term ends in August or in 2014 - a case that may affect any ambitions Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has to move to the presidency. Erdoğan, 58, is already the most...
  2. teosgirl

    constitutional commission can't decide on sexuality discrimination

    Constitutional Commission hung up over sexuality rights And these are the people responsible for forming a new constitution? :help: Charlotte
  3. Firefox

    China or the west Turkey must decide

    With all the negative news Turkey receives from France, Germany and the USa. It has to make a stance. Are we to follow the Chinese trial of Industry and integrity.?? Are we to go with the West and the Usa?? China and Turkey ? building a new Silk Road together -
  4. Squeaky

    Who will decide the future of Turkish-Israeli relations?

    Good afternoon: There are a number of articles in the papers today concerning the Israeli – Turkish question which try to explain and analyze both the actions and future relationship between the two countries. There are a number of comments which I am happy to read as they indicate that Turkey...
  5. KKOB

    Turkey May Decide NOT To Join The EU

    Turkish President Abdullah Gül said on Friday Turkey may not wish to join the EU. Turkey may not wish to join EU
  6. H

    Need some help to decide where to go in South Turkey?

    Asalaamualaikum, I just needed some advice please where would you recommend is the best place to stay for a week in south Turkey? I don't want somewhere thats too touristy but want somewhere which has the best and most beautiful scenery,beaches and things to do like some historical...
  7. dalid69

    Racism ?? You decide

    Hi all,i live here in sunny Dalamanand was today going out of town to fethiye,i was stopped by the police for not wearing a seat belt,yes i know its the law but if the police dont wear them they can hardly lead by example,whilst they were writing my ticket they stopped other cars,one in...
  8. D

    Your mission - if you decide to except.....

    In other words i need help on a strange flight requirement and would like all you wonderful people to help me for a wedding attendance on 15th September so dates are fixed around this. Depart - Dalaman 8th September Connection Flight Istanbul. then Istnabul to Incheon (ICN) (South Korea) Bucket...
  9. N

    Hello everyone!! need your help to decide

    Hello everyone! What a piece of luck to find this forum!! I have just got back from a trip to Altinkum with a friend who had put down a deposit on a house in the centre - but, by luck, we found ourselves in Ackbuk - and he changed his mind and bought there instead - on the Pino's - White Bay...
  10. Gill

    advice on how to decide where to live

    We, hubby Bryan and I, would welcome any advice to help us cut short long circular discussions and sleepless nights, deciding on out Turkish location. We have travelled widely in Turkey recently and in the dim distant past, and have dreamt of retiring more or less permanently to Turkey and...
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