1. S

    Decent politician?

    Have read a lot about Vince Cable Now while I wouldn't be a cheerleader for much of his policies he does seem to me to be a very decent type ( rarity!!) of politician What's the feeling from you in Britain who are a lot closer to word on the street re Vince?
  2. Ian2006

    Decent Budget Hotel in Alanya

    Hi - looking to come over from Fethiye on the bus via Antalya for 5 days in first week of May. Looked at Miray Hotel but never been to Alanya so just wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere quite clean, with a pool and central :brick:
  3. X

    Help selecting decent company to purchase a property

    Hi All Just after a bit of advise please. Looking to purchase a place in Turkey hopefully 30 minutes from airport Closer the better which will be used for holiday home mostly and may want to rent out to cover expenses now and again. Looking for a minimum 3 bedroom local shops and amenities a...
  4. juco

    Get some decent buyers to negotiate. NHS

    BBC.... Its about time we had some people that know how to negotiate and get the price paid for these drugs reduced, it is well known that the mark up for drug companies in many cases is 1000%. Does the government never question what and why they pay so much. There is so much corruption within...
  5. Briand

    A Decent mastic

    Anybody know the name of a good mastic for shower/bath white sealant which goes off quite quickly, just bought two tubes of (cekomastik akrilik 666 ) chap in the shop said really good and believe me its crap :animation cheers. Briand
  6. D

    Decent hotels in Altinkum?

    I'm thinking of bringing my Mum & Dad out to Altinkum next June. We've decided not to put them up in our apartment, for the reason that I may end up killing them if I'm in an enclosed space with them for more than 10 minutes. :biggrin: With having the apartment, I'm a bit out of touch with...
  7. E

    Decent pillows

    Anyone know where to buy fairly cheap but decent medium to firm (but not bobbly!) pillows? I bought some from koctas but when they arrived they had a weird orange football design rather than being plain white and were pretty floppy!! Based in Datca but can buy online or take a trip to Marmaris...
  8. AmandaA

    Decent weather - how important is it to you?

    Over the last few years we've discussed moving abroad and this year we're buckling down and making some decisions. A big part of our move is to live in a warmer climate, or more importantly to have a better summer than the ones we have in NE Scotland. It got me thinking - how many of us...
  9. L

    Decent plumber in Yalikavak?

    You would think that after all the years we have had our house in Yali that we would know a decent plumber,..... but no. Any help from you guys out there would much be appreciated, our hot water boiler tank on our roof has ruptured again. Cant find a decent plumber....... Loosing the will to...
  10. PASH

    Finally!! A decent, honest lawyer in Bodrum

    After a catalogue of disasters with lawyers, we have at long last found an honest, straight talking, Lawyer. We have now had three lawyers to date and the first two have been a disaster, number one left town with many thousands of our money, never to be seen again, second one could not give a...
  11. X

    Direct me to a decent hotel in Kusadasi.

    Arriving 1st March for 14days can someone give me any details i.e contact details for a clean hotel and good price in central .. Cheers JC...
  12. B

    decent letting agents

    any decent letting agents we have our new 2 bed apt let with altinkum lettings since aug 2008,with still no customers.we paid £100 for them to put on internet to advertise,but they have not bothered to get clients, i think the company offer too many apts or they just dont follow up...
  13. K

    Decent Curry in Altinkum

    Felt I had to post this as we have had some poor and some very very poor Indian meals in Altinkum. One of the few things that I miss from the “old country” is that most popular British tradition, a decent curry. Altinkum has restaurants that offer all things to all people...
  14. claire1976

    Cheapest, decent area of Turkey to buy in?!

    To cut a long story short - We were going to buy in Turkey, changed our minds and put a deposit down on an off plan apartment in Italy. Its now looking like we're going to back out due to some grey area's with the contract. I now have approx £30k that I really need to invest in a property soon...
  15. Mushroom

    Where's the best place to buy a decent TV ?

    Dear All, Now we know what satellite system we are going for early in 2008, it would be helpful if we bought a telly ! What price would be decent for an average flat screen LCD of about 72 cm in Turkey and additionally where in the Gulluk/Bodrum area would anyone recommend please. I have...
  16. martin m

    Mr decent to the rescue

    Hi everyone just had a mixed bag of a week in altinkum,(certainly weather wise) but i would like to share this We had a great evening out me and my wife, mum and father in law, our two sons 23 and 24, and a friend and her daughter 22,at a reasonable time all but one son and friends daughter...
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