1. S

    Still some decency in the world
  2. S

    Courage and decency

    Whilst we hear daily of various acts of hate and horror which shatter faith in human nature --- compassionate sincere forgiving and respectful men like Mr Lawrence definitely restore some of that faith Strength way beyond most of us Stephen Lawrence: Murdered teen's father forgives killers -...
  3. John O' Dreams

    Are some countries' decency laws hypocritical?

    Kiss woman denounces 'hypocrisy' A British woman jailed for kissing a man in public in Dubai has spoken of the "hypocrisy" of the Emirate's strict decency laws. Charlotte Adams was arrested with Ayman Najafi last November after a local woman complained they had been seen kissing on the mouth...
  4. YogiPJ

    Decency - 7 steps to world peace

    Decency The key to personal peace, world peace, and eternal peace © 2003 by Mark Macy Our future happiness depends on decency. That's true in every sense—not just in worldly affairs (people getting along with other people, nations getting along with other nations), but also in other-worldly...
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