1. TLF Admin

    Netflix documentary claims to prove life after death

    One of the oldest questions is featured in a show that explores near-death experiences, and paranormal occurrences, raising more questions than it tries to answer. Is there an afterlife? A novel Netflix series claims to prove there is, even as it crosses into realms beyond science. "Surviving...
  2. juco

    UK death certificate.(Covid)

    Did you know that the UK Government have removed Form 5 of the Cremation Certificate for deaths relating to Covid-19 under the Coronavirus Act which is the form that the relative who registers the death must be given as it enables them to see and query the death certificate before cremation...
  3. D

    Death in Elhovo.

    Radio reports here in Bulgaria, are of a Death in the S.E. region of Bulgaria, in the small town of Elhovo, close to the Lesovo border crossing point. Reports say the Murder involves a Turkish man..?? Unsure yet, if the Turkish man is the victim or the perpetrator.
  4. juco

    Another 3 stabbed to death

    This really pisses me off ....`fire fighting`....after the event, extra police for a day or 2. We need action to prevent these stabbings not action after the event, like more policing on the streets.
  5. B

    Transferring apartment ownership after a family death

    I am new to this forum and I’m just trying to find out some information. My situation is that my brother-in-law owns a property in Turkey, but unfortunately he has recently passed away and we need to find out how we go about transferring the property to another family member. I need to know if...
  6. mollag

    Another fake death!

    Well Jaycey was convinced/ :amen:
  7. C

    American death penalty

    Arkansas is in the news again over its death penalty. Last April, Governor Asa Hutchinson gave the go ahead for 8 people on death row to be killed by lethal injection. Why 8 people all in one month? well the opponents of the death penalty claim it was partly due to the expiry date of the...
  8. Camden

    Atatürk's Death

    It was interesting to see that most Turks today in Istanbul still commemorate the minute of the Death of their first President Ataturk in 1938, the one who is said to have modernized, secularised, educated and brought suffrage to the country, with Turks today on the streets and in their...
  9. Kingfisher

    Cyprus - the kiss of death?

    That is all we needed! The UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will fly to Switzerland later today to support the UN facilitated talks aimed at reaching a settlement to the long running Cyprus issue. UK Foreign Secretary joins Cyprus settlement talks in Switzerland - Cyprus Mail
  10. S

    Tragic death

    Cheick Tiote: Former Newcastle United midfielder dies after collapsing in training - BBC Sport
  11. bickern

    Ian Brady, 79, is 'at death's door'

    Oh dear how sad. I hope they keep him alive but in agony for a while longer, as in much longer. Moors killer Ian Brady, 79, is suffering from lung cancer | Daily Mail Online Rot in hell when you get there Brady.
  12. SLEEPY

    William cheats death

    The future King escapes death by a whisker reported by the TLF's favourite newspaper.
  13. mollag

    Another celebrity death.

    Stuart Little OD's on warfarin, what a waste!
  14. N

    Help needed after the death of a neighbour.

    We have sadly discovered that our neighbours who have a holiday villa nextt to us in Denizkoy, Izmir have been involved in a horrible motorcycle accident and that she has been killed. They were such a lovely family who moved into the villa 2 years ago and always welcomed us warmly when we...
  15. bickern

    Justice for a female victim even after death

    Sezgi was a 15-year-old daughter of a family from the Mediterranean province of Antalya. She left home one day to go to the shop and after that there were no news from her. It became clear later that a vicious creature she came to know via Facebook had kidnaped her. He had two more friends...
  16. mollag

    Death by robot.

    This is a new one to me From the Dallas shootings. The suspect, who has not been named, was cornered for several hours by officers and was killed by an explosive device deployed by a police robot after extensive negotiations failed, said Dallas police chief David Brown. No sympathy for the...
  17. martin m

    Jealous to bloody death

    Hi. I just wanted to put up a thread with a different angle to all the ones of late about, the troubles, the bombs, IS, people selling up. As a lot of people on here are aware we sold our apartment last year to enable us to visit Australia more to see the three grandkids, so in effect this is...
  18. teosgirl

    Muslim shopkeeper stabbed to death

    Glasgow Muslim shopkeeper stabbed to death hours after Easter message | Daily Mail Online Very sad, especially since the man openly encouraged peace and tolerance. A real tragedy for society. Who would do such a thing? Charlotte
  19. B

    Death of IS member

    Islamic State camp in Libya attacked by US planes - BBC News I certainly hope that this report is true. Bill.
  20. Akasya

    Colin Vearncombe Death of

    Colin Vearncombe I was saddened to read today of the death ( car crash ) of Colin Vearncombe , AKA as Black A man dedicated to melodic , lyrical music , he was not burdened with an ego that needed to project him further than his music , which spoke for itself so majestically. Colin...
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