1. stmary

    anyone dealt with atc homes

    Hi All, we are thinking of retiring to Altinkum in 2 years time and have been looking online at various websites and Agents.Has anybody bought from ATC homes or had any dealings with them as they appear to have some lovely apartments on their books but we don't know very much about them,any help...
  2. suzyq

    Vatican labels the ordination of women a 'grave crime'

    Making a woman a priest is as sinful as abusing a child, the Roman Catholic Church declared yesterday. New religious rules published by the Vatican set both sins at the same level of gravity and recommended the same punishment for guilty priests. Church officials in Rome insisted that the new...
  3. R

    Has anyone dealt with Euroland in Gumbet?

    Hi everyone, We purchased a villa in Gumusluk through Euroland in Gumbet last December, thru a building company called Harmony Homes. The problem is since paying for the villa £37,000 in total we have not heard back from either Harmony or Euroland as to what is happening with our Tapu and...
  4. R

    Has anyone dealt with Harmony Homes Ltd in Bodrum?

    We have just got back from Bodrum last night, we went out there in the winter to buy property...were told this was the best time to visit if you were thinking of buying. We dealt with a number of turkish and british agents out there, but none of them seemed to be as professional as Harmony...
  5. N

    Anyone dealt with Paradise homes???

    Paradise homes(altinkum) any info??? Hi was just wondering if any of you lovely people have heard of the emlack paradise homes and if so have you heard any bad reports about them. This would help me alot. thanx :pressie:
  6. T

    Anyone dealt with Turkishcoast Emlaks?

    They have an office in Gumbet and partner another emlak in Kusadasi? Any info on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - in anticipation, TJD
  7. R

    has anybody dealt with this company?

    Just wondering if anybody knows or has dealt with akbuk Have been emailing a Robert from the English office and they are UK agents for Aksoy building and real estate. Does anyone have good/bad experiences or has anyone indeed heard of them? Thnks! Rob and Gillian
  8. G

    Has anyone dealt with PROPA Construction?

    Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with this builder? Thank you very much for your help.
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