Prime Deals

    Saw this tablet for £203 on Amazon Prime discounted by £96. Any thoughts from our techies. I thought it was a good deal...then again what do I know.
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Best ADSL Deals?

    Anyone have any recommendations for the current best offers on unlimted, fast ADSL Internet? Thinking of changing my provider ...
  3. C

    Any deals right now on internet-connection?

    Looking to get an internet-connection established in the next few days and just wondering if there´s any deals to be had. I know there was an offer a while back highlighted on the forum where you could get a tablet for free when signing up for 24 months. I´m located in Alanya if that makes a...
  4. S

    Broadband/ phone deals

    Any decent broadband offers about at present? Our current one TTNET/TT ( 52tl+17tl unlimited) ends next month
  5. L

    last minute deals

    We are thinking of going away for Easter (USA fell through, hubby got the dates wrong) and Turkey is too expensive. What sites do you use when looking for a break/holiday we don't mind where to but I'm not sure which sites to look at Many thanks
  6. N

    Best landline / Internet deals

    Thanks for all the advice re telephone connection. Is it right I still have to go through Turkish telecom first off for the landline . One thread suggested turkcell for the Internet. I take it they cannot install the landline.
  7. F

    Special offer for two days great deals on flights with IAH flightholiday

    Short term £175.00 some deals from UK to Ercan North Cyprus still available on for 7 & 14 day return flights with 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th June departures for these email or Skype / call from Flights, Tours, Turkey, North Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Africa, Jordan, South...
  8. L

    Flight Only Deals

    As from November 1st Thomson will be removing flight only travellers from Atol compensation scheme for people stranded abroad.:33: This is for flight only booking, all package deals will still be covered, this is becasue Thomson lost £105million earlier this year due to the ash cloud etc, and...
  9. F

    Flight Deals to North Cyprus

    I hope this will become regular especially since the demise of CTA: Just in a special offer for departures 5th and 6th August - only 10/15 seats each day outbound Stansted arrive Ercan return the same way 7 nights or more £360 per seat and a booking fee for the party of £20.00 one person 380...
  10. cokdeli

    What were we saying about Poundland?

    I'm off there tomorrow Hidden bargains: Boots beauty creams on sale in £1 stores under disguised labels | Mail Online cokdeli
  11. maggie

    Laughing deals.

    In the present credit crunch dont know if anyone can find use of some of these offers. Hugs Maggie
  12. ceemac

    Ebay Deals

    Some of you are probably aware of this but there are two deals on ebay every day from now to Christmas where you can save huge amouts off recommended retail prices. For example, todays are a Motorola Dual Digital Photoframe at £24.99 (a saving of 69% on rrp), and an Elizabeth Arden Gift Set at...
  13. Mushtaq

    Lastminute deals to Turkey

    There are some very good last minute deals from GoldTrail, just checked from Gatwick to Bodrum tomorrow night for 7 days £74 return inc. taxes. Anyway looking for a bargain break???? Unfortunately I can't get away :wacko:
  14. peter the postie

    Where have the deals gone?

    Grr... I have been looking for a bargain flight for over a week now (for may6/8) and the prices just don't seem to be shifting at all :27: I constantly hear people saying "oh i got a bargain flight for £69" when I'm in altinkum. Where are the bloody things???
  15. A

    Lgw/dlm Get All best Deals

    Found this one at work toningt 1.5.06 lgw.dlm 7 nts Sincerity apts Marmaris Price inclusive of taxes xfers and flight meals 436.00 for pary of 4 Thats 109.00 pp Night flights but if your going to Marmaris and can use the xfers that not bad. Wish I could find prices for bjv, but I will keep...
  16. G

    Advice on using Telextext Holiday Deals

    I think everyone will agree that waiting for Teletext pages to load whilst looking for that bargain Turkish holiday to appear can be time-consuming and very frustrating. Even modern TV's using Fasttext pages cached in the TV's memory is an improvement but you still have to wait 30 mins or so...
  17. C

    Anybody seen any deals

    Im trying to get to Bodrum or Izmir travelling on the 3rd 4th or 5th sept. Need to fly from Either Stansted or Luton. Best price i have found so far is with Thomsons £175 has anybody seen any deals about?? thanks
  18. G

    Flight deals at Skyscanner

    This site has a friendly interface and comes up with good options at good prices. It also easily enables you to find the best deals if you are flexible in travel dates. Very comprehensive. Got me a deal. Give it a whirl.
  19. Mushtaq

    Cant' find any good flight deals

    What's the best way to locate good deals? All the prices have shot up, any tips and tricks to get good late deals? :flypig: I was able to get return flights for about £69 a few weeks ago, and now they are all around £200 :frown: Seems like the airlines are keeping the rates up, even when...
  20. Mushtaq

    iPod deals

    Try Pixmani for deals of iPods Another place for good offers is Dixons at duty free shops, you can call them before you fly to check prices and availability, the numbers can be found here...
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