1. Y

    Dealings with Murat Yayla Anyone ?

    Dealings with Murat Yayla Anyone ( Wonder Homes)? Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Murat Yayla , i believe he is an estate agent who has a company called wonderhomes possibly wonder investments, im not 100% sure of the name but its a combination of the above...
  2. OWENA

    dodgy dealings

    Why is it that the Tukish law system does little to help foreign owners/ buyers? Had I known what it was like 3 years ago when we put all our savings into buying an aparment in what we thought was a lovely country, I think we would have thought twice. We are not only being Blackmailed by our...
  3. P

    has any one had dealings with albatross est agents

    I have just bought an 2 bed apartment from a company could albatross has any one else heard of them and are they ok Tar peter
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