1. J

    Haggling at dealerships

    Hello again! I'm lead to believe that a healthy bit of haggling is expected in Turkey? Can I haggle at dealerships? Is there usually much scope for discounts at main dealers on used cars? Thanks, Jon
  2. zozatky

    Quad bikes

    Web address needed of the dealer in Fethiye please
  3. C

    Fethiye car dealerships

    We are thinking of buying a car for when we are in Turkey because it is costing us far too much in car hire. Looking for something small and economical. I believe you don't need a residents permit anymore. Could anyone recommend any car dealerships in Fethiye. Tried to find web addresses for...
  4. S

    Car Dealerships???

    Does anyone know of any websites that we can have a look at that will give us some idea of prices of cars in Turkey? We are moving to the Bodrum area in March next year and would like some idea of prices before we go. We realise we have to get our residency visas first, so will need to hire a...
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