1. bickern

    UK now the second-biggest arms dealer in the world

    UK Trade and Investment, a government body that promotes British exports abroad, boasted: "The UK is one of the world's most successful defence exporters, averaging second place in the global rankings on a rolling ten-year basis." According to the body, the UK has, on average, sold more arms...
  2. N

    unscrupulous Turkcell dealer in Candarli

    Just a warning to fellow users. I went in to the Turkcell shop in Candarli near Izmir yesterday to top up my internet card prior to leaving home.. this shop is run by an older chap , grey haired in his 60s. As I am only staying for another two days I just asked for 2gb just enough for a few...
  3. v6cod

    Arstil dealer in Fethiye

    Does anyone know where I can find the Arstil dealer in Fethiye the address is given as SÜSLER HALI VE MOBİLYA -- SÜLEYMAN KILIÇ .. (252)6143334 ÇARŞI CAD.TEMPA KARŞISI NO:121 . thanks
  4. zozatky

    Quad bikes

    Web address needed of the dealer in Fethiye please
  5. peterbryant

    Main Dealer

    Hi Can anybody tell me of a main dealer for Kia in the Fethiye area. Thanks in advance Peter
  6. B

    Ford dealer in Kusadasi

    Hi there I wonder if anyone knows the contact details for the Ford dealer in Kusadasi. We'd like an email address if possible. Many thanks.
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