1. D

    UK Free Trade Deal with Turkey.

    Brexit free trade deal ‘very close’ – UK finalising comprehensive agreement with Turkey. TURKEY is "very close" to signing a post-Brexit free trade agreement with the UK covering manufactured goods, agriculture and services, the country's Foreign Minister has revealed. By PAUL WITHERS...
  2. bickern

    Spain to sign Gibraltar deal with UK

    It is understood the UK, Spanish and Gibraltan governments have tied up a tax agreement for the disputed British overseas territory which will end attempts by Spain to take control of the Rock. The agreement will apply even in a no-deal Brexit. It comes amid further claims from leading...
  3. immac

    Is Migrant Deal Over?

    From Breitbart: Extract: "The migrant deal between the European Union (EU) and Turkey may be failing as over 350 migrants have arrived in Greece in three days, up considerably from previous weeks. The controversial EU-Turkey migrant deal had reduced the number of migrants crossing from Turkey...
  4. Spurs

    No big deal

    I don't get it, what's the big deal about police dressing differently to catch villains? Isn't that what undercover cops do? In Marseille, police disguise themselves as Muslims to arrest drug dealer
  5. bickern

    Pakistan ZERO% import deal

    EU turns blind eye to human rights horrors - grants Pakistan ZERO% import deal THE EU should scrap Pakistan’s preferential trade status because of repeated human rights violations, a group of MEPs have said. Brussels has been criticised for compromising human rights in favour of pushing its...
  6. Mushtaq

    EU-Turkey visa deal on brink as Erdoğan refuses to change terror laws

    Refugee pact appears in danger of falling apart as Turkish president tells Europe: ‘We’ll go our way, you go yours’ A visa-free travel deal between the EU and Turkey was on the brink of collapse on Friday night, after Turkey’s president insisted he would not change his country’s anti-terrorism...
  7. B

    EU deal with Turkey.

    The EU deal with Turkey is fraught with dangers - Telegraph I think that this should be read by anyone with an interest in Turkey. Bill.
  8. Yalides

    Nearly a good deal....

    Our local. Nearly a good deal until you get close......
  9. suzyq

    Cameron Wants EU Deal Before Xmas

    David Cameron is pressing 27 other European heads of government to accept his terms for deciding Britain’s future in the EU at a Brussels summit in two weeks’ time, the summit chairman said. Donald Tusk, the president of the European council, who will chair the crucial summit on 17 December...
  10. K

    EU Deal for Turkey.

    Will the deal offered by the EU for visa free access for Turks from 2016 have a reciprocal agreement for visa free access to Turkey for EU citizens????? Have the diplomats taken the opportunity to include this so we can finally dump the hated 120 day rule???? Would be a great Christmas...
  11. suzyq

    Turkey's troubles deal new blow to stumbling economy

    The end to a ceasefire with Kurdish militants and political uncertainty after inconclusive June elections are compounding already mounting problems for Turkey's stuttering economy, analysts say. The resumption of regular attacks by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants in the...
  12. bal canavar

    Deal Struck Can Iran be Trusted ??

    Iran nuclear talks: 'Historic' agreement struck Iran nuclear talks: 'Historic' agreement struck - BBC News Trusted imho NO !!! not this regime Obama legacy no, mistake Sanctions lifted good for the Iranian people yes, for the regime propaganda coup .Whilst secret continuation of Nuclear...
  13. bickern

    How to deal with shoplifters.

    One way to react I suppose. C&P from YouTube. I have mixed feelings on this. I do not condone the actions of the guy delivering the series of slaps. The shop lifter deserved the first three I'd say, but the rest were unnecessary in my opinion. Two wrongs do not make a right after all. Then...
  14. Firefox

    US deal Terrorist

    In a Deal with the Taliban a government headed by Mulla Omar deemed a terrorist organisation by US Uk Eu. The Americans are forced to negotiate after 5 years and free 5 Taliban fighters from Guntmeo Bay for 1 of there Killers back who deserted and became a Muslim. BBC News - US 'received Qatar...
  15. S

    Excellent phone deal

    I will immediately declare I have picked this up from another forum but thought it well worth posting. EE are offering an excellent mobile phone deal at £27 per month. It includes unlimited UK calls and texts but the big kicker some might be intrested in is IT INCLUDES FREE CALLS AND TEXTS...
  16. teosgirl

    PM's shady property deal in Urla

    An Istanbul-based friend of mine has been posting updates on Facebook for the past week, regarding the question of RTE's involvement in the granting of a prominent businessmans building permission in a protected area in Urla, Izmir. Her articles are always in Turkish *she's Turkish* and so I...
  17. Firefox

    Iran Reaches Deal

    Iran has everything in this deal;- 1) Right to Enrich Uranium. 2) Carry on with its limited peaceful Nuclear program. According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the deal allows Iran to continue its activities at Arak, Fordow and Natanz facilities. The agreement also stipulates that no...

    Deal of the month

    Adadigital,who some of you may well have your Digiturk subscription through are offering a new package. The basic offer is for the standard tv package including internet [8mb unlimited] for 60tl a month,on a 2 year contract.Other tv package deals are available,also to include internet.
  19. suzyq

    Palace knifeman ‘wanted Queen to help him get back £170,000 stolen in property deal'

    Yesterday, the grandfather’s family told the Mail that he was in a ‘desperate situation’ after losing his business and savings and had been driven to despair after police refused to help him. They claim a solicitor, who has since been disqualified from practising for a year, stole £168,000 from...
  20. Mushtaq

    Recommendations and complaints, how to deal with them?

    With the recent threads in mind I thought it might be worth discussing how best to handle company and services recommendations and problem reporting if things go wrong. One thing I would like to implement is that once someone has reported their problem with a company then the company should be...
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