1. E

    Old £20 notes when is the deadline for usr

    Any one know the deadline date for £20 notes?
  2. H

    Iskan amnesty missed deadline

    Hi all I have just returned from Gumusluk and only found out about the Iskan amnesty on Thursday last week so had no time to get it in place, I have asked many many people and scoured the internet but can find nothing stating the penalty for a late application, I managed to get a mapping...
  3. suzyq

    Payment dispute between government, pharmacies grows with new deadline

    The tension in the payment dispute between the Turkish government and the country’s pharmacies has risen, with the latter setting a March 31 deadline for selling drugs within the coverage of social security if their list of demands is not accepted. The Istanbul Association of Pharmacists said...
  4. B

    Habitation certificate deadline

    Is the habitation certificate deadline still November 2011? Its something that completely slipped my mind this summer but we won't be going now till next year. Anybody know what the penalties are? Is it really necessary to get it? We've owned the property for more than 7 years and it was 2-3...
  5. N

    October deadline

    Has anyone heard that the 3 month visa will be finishing in october and residency has be bought or is this more gossip
  6. John O' Dreams

    Bulgaria property deadline looms

    Have you seen this Bob? Foreigners who purchased land or a home in Bulgaria before 2008 are being reminded to re-register their Bulgarian property before December 31st or potentially face losing their holiday home. Because overseas nationals are not permitted to buy land or plot with a house...
  7. M

    Dolphin Deadline?

    :clock::14: I returned yesterday from the Fethiye area full of concern for the lives of TWO DOLPHINS to be incarcerated in Hisaronu sometime soon. I have seen the site and cannot believe how inappropiate this place will be to put these poor animals, they are not fish!!! Whoever designed this...
  8. N

    Tax reduction deadline decision day

    A good article in TODAYS ZAMAN starts as follows; "Gov’t announces final decision on tax incentives today. The government will announce its final decision on whether to extend temporary tax reductions for certain sectors, discounts that were introduced as part of a stimulus package nearly...
  9. bobthenob

    tapu deadline

    Here are the issues on what to do with the tapu,before the deadline of Novenber of this year.Copied from the voice newspaper EXPATS who fail to get their title deeds on their apartments or houses in complexes fully completed by November this year could face fines of 1,000 TL each, Voices can...
  10. P

    Oct 09 deadline for Kat Mulkiyeti ??

    I keep reading about having to get Kat Mulkiyeti on Tapu by Oct 2009 and subsequent big fines for not doing so. Is this all smoke and mirrors or is it Definite? As it happens we havn't got Kat Irtifaki yet. However if we were to get Tapu just before Oct without Hab Cert on Tapu ( Kat...
  11. PhilCo

    EU attacks Turkey deadline plan

    The EU's Enlargement Commissioner, Olli Rehn, has urged Germany and France not to step up the pressure on Turkey over its membership bid. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested an 18-month deadline for Turkey to open its ports to traffic from Cyprus to keep its bid alive. She and...
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