1. ted j

    Sean Connery dead

    Died today aged 90 RIP
  2. ted j

    Eddie Van Halen dead

    The rock guitarist died of cancer aged 65 RIP He pioneered 2 handed tapping on the guitar
  3. IbrahimAbi

    American journalist dead

    In Istanbul, (Russian-American investigative journalist) it looks suspiciously like another poisoning to some folk.
  4. bickern

    Kim Jong-un 'almost certainly' dead

    Kim Jong-un 'almost certainly' dead - panicked North Korea chiefs 'prepare announcement'. NORTH Korea's Supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, is almost certainly dead - with his sister, Kim Yo Jong, likely to succeed him, a journalist who has visited the secretive country on more than ten occasions has...
  5. ted j

    Dynamo has virus Eddie large dead

    As the header says , Dynamo the magician has Coronavirus badly he has underlying health issues and Eddie large of Little and Large comedy duo has died aged 78 of coronavirus in hospital The doctor we had back in Tyldesley used to Treat little and Large (Syd little lived in nearby Atherton)...
  6. Camden

    Fethiye British woman and friend found dead

    Turkish businessman and British woman friend found dead in Fethiye The British woman who lived with the Turkish businessman in Fethiye district of Muğla was found stabbed to death in the villa. A wide-ranging investigation was launched to arrest the person and persons involved. Yaşar ANTER...
  7. bickern

    Caroline Flack has been found dead

    I don't know the full story of you and your boyfriend or your professional life but I feel sad that you chose to take your life. RIP Caroline Flack.
  8. ted j

    Doris Day dead

    Doris day died today aged 97 RIP
  9. immac

    Dead Within 13 Years.

    Sometimes I read some article and wonder if it is a joke. This one clearly is not. From New Scientist, headline: "A bad sense of smell predicts early death but we don’t know why" They are perplexed. If someone of 82 loses their sense of smell, they will probably die within the next 13 years...
  10. ted j

    Peter Tork dead

    Monkee Peter Tork has died of throat cancer RIP He was a great guitarist which most people didn't realise The proper line up of the Monkees according to themselves should have been Mickey Dolenz-----rhyhm guitar and lead vocals Peter Tork --------lead guitar and vocals Mike...
  11. ted j

    Albert Finney dead

    He died today aged 82 He went to a junior school near where I lived RIP
  12. ted j

    Eric Haydock dead

    Ex Hollies bass player Eric Haydock has died age 75 peacefully at home I had the pleasure of chatting with him once in a music shop in Stockport, he brewed up for us both and we sat on high stools at the counter nattering away for an hour RIP Eric
  13. V

    24 dead in Turkish train crash

    Turkey train crash: 24 die and 318 are injured following heavy rain | Daily Mail Online
  14. S

    UK tourists dead in Fethiye

    Two UK tourists found dead in tent in Turkey?s Fethiye
  15. ted j

    Dale Winton dead

    Dale Winton has died aged 62
  16. C

    Man claims he,s not dead!

    Constantin Reliu a 63 year old Romanian has told a court in Barlad Romania, that he is still alive, despite a death certificate being issued for him! The death certificate was obtained by his wife after Constantin spent over 10 years in Turkey, without contacting his family! Constantin...
  17. bal canavar

    Dusseldorf Knife attack- One dead, manhunt on for killer

    KNIFE HORROR Dusseldorf ‘stabbing sees one man knifed to death in shop as cops hunt suspect in German city’ Police raced to the scene, reportedly outside a hairdressers, in Elberfel, Dusseldorf, at 2.45pm local time
  18. bal canavar

    1 Dead as Marmaris Tour Boat sinks

    One dead, two missing after motorized yacht sinks off Turkey’s Marmaris A motor yacht sank off the coast of Marmaris in southern Turkey on Aug. 2, killing one person and leaving two others missing, the local governor has stated. The 20-meter motor yacht named “Anemone” sank 200 meters off the...
  19. bickern

    Brendan Duddy - unsung hero dead.

    Never heard of the guy but it looks like he was a major player in resolving the troubles, so RIP Brendan Duddy --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brendan Duddy owned a chip shop in the strongly Republican area of Derry City. Shortly before Bloody...
  20. the bueman

    Martin McGuiness dead

    Martin McGuinness Passionate Republican to Man of Peace.....RIP I hope he has a quiet and dignified send off.....for me that will signal The Man.
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