1. C

    Less than 150 days on passport

    I have 144 days validating on my UK passport & due to flight out in 2 days & unable to renew my passport in time (no passport offices are open) I’ve read it’s advisory for 6 months before expiry. I’ve read also that there is a requirement for 90 days. It very confusing & worried I’ll be refused...
  2. A

    I only have 10 days to find these ! Help please...

    I foolishly felt so sorry for this English couple whose house burnt down that they could have my double bed mattress, a glass top dining room table with 4 high back chairs, and my cream L-shaped leather sofa. I had planned to get new ones anyhow but not all at once! Does anybody have these for...
  3. juco

    Dole money in days gone by?

    Out of interest do any older members know how all this worked say around the 1960s and onward. All I can remember is it was called dole money , as in unemployed payment. Did they just get a single payment or did they also get rent allowance and other benefits at that time. Just interested as...
  4. S

    Dark days ahead

    Has opposition floundered
  5. bickern

    Hopefully the terrorist lovers days are numbered.

    Well, the lies and the patter Corbyn supporters have been spouting to shore the terrorist lover up might eventually unravel and his position may eventually become untenable. Diane Abbott, the racist England hater needs a size ten shortly after, and just to make my year, John McDonnell as well...
  6. Kingfisher

    Less than 90 days on passport

    This is a long shot, but has anyone had any issue entering North Cyprus either via Ercan airport or via the border crossings with less than 90 days validity left on their passport? Thank you.
  7. A

    Mumbai Man Sodomises Dog For Three Days, gets arrested

    There seems to be no end to this atrocity. Just a few weeks ago, we heard of a gut-wrenching incident of a 34-year-old who raped a female puppy, dumped her body in a sack and left her bleeding in Delhi. Also read: 34-Year-Old Taxi Driver Raped A Female Puppy & Dumped Her In A Drain Where...
  8. Camden

    16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence 2017

    Yesterday was the start of 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence 2017 16 DAYS The decision to make the event span from 25 November to 10 December was deliberate as to include three other major events: International Human Rights Defenders Day (29 November), World Aids Day (1 December) and...
  9. bal canavar

    Qatar ten days to close Al-Jazeera

    Guilty regimes calling out the Guilty regimes... Erdogan trying hard not to upset both sides, but it's not quite working, his leaning is towards to Qatar due to its vast investment into Turkey and the AKP, but another foreign policy catastrophe to add to the list and in the making...
  10. bickern

    The Twelve Days of Christmas.

    The Twelve Days of Christmas. From 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that era wrote this carol as a catechism song for young Catholics. It has two levels of meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning known only...
  11. juco

    Post office going on strike for 5 days

    Crown post offices are apparently going on strike from the 19th for 5 days. So get you posting done before then. About time to as the post office treat their staff like s...! Profit driven and no moral standards.
  12. the bueman

    Japanese Sink Hole fixed in 2 days

    Thought this was incredible......fixed in 2 days.....had it been UK or anywhere else they would have been looking into for the next year.....same goes for the clean up on the tsunami. Incredible Japanese workers fix giant sinkhole in two days
  13. E

    UK phone still active after 60 days

    Can any of the phone geeks understand or explain why my UK phone has not been blocked? I started using an android phone on 10th June 2015 with my Vodafone TR sim and had the usual sms to say that the registration of the IMEI would be closed after 60 days. I went back to the UK just before the...
  14. F

    Looking for Family Acc for few days in July

    Hi, Will be in Belek for a spell in Jun/Jul and was going to drive to Bodrum and spend a few days there before flying back Anyone have any recommendations for Family Accomodation (2Adults,3Teens), for approx 11Jul-15Jul (3-4nights ish) ? i have had a look at and airbnb. If...
  15. yalimart

    The Good Old Days

    Whatever happened to them. Martin
  16. E

    120 Days out of Turkey

    Dear All, I am an engineer living in Istanbul with a one year residence and working in Congo, 28/28, by the new Turkish law states that the holder of the permit has not to stay more than 120 days a year out of Turkey and in my case I will be spending almost 180 days out of Turkey, Does that mean...
  17. B

    Happy Days.

    Happy Days diner owner Al Molinaro dies aged 96 - BBC News I just loved that programme "Happy Days". Bill.
  18. S

    The good old days

    Reading through some threads on here yesterday with some old names surfacing I was reminded of the good old days of this forum, do you miss them or are you happy with the way things are going. Back then we had scandal, romance, controversy and division, above all we had fun. We were let into...
  19. T

    British hostage John Cantlie has told his family to ‘let him go’ just days after appe

    This is so sad The photojournalist also told his loved ones they needed to ‘get on with their lives’ while adding that he hoped his fiancé had ‘forgotten’ him. He writes: "Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. But let it go. Leave it be and get on with your lives, all of you.” ISIS...
  20. Kingfisher

    Pancake Day in 9 days time

    When is Pancake Day in 2015? - Coventry Telegraph I'd love to make some buckwheat pancakes but I'm not sure whether buckwheat is available easily in Turkey. The dictionnary gives kara buğday but I am not sure this is what I want because buckwheat is not really wheat at all. It is of the same...
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