1. newhorizon

    Schumacher and dawn of a new F1 season..

    Start of the new era in F1 shadowed by.... ..darkness. Happy New Year All. I know I'm a month late but glad January is over and now I can start the New Year. This year 2014. But is it the same for everyone? The end of 2013 for me was shadowed by a huge sadness with the shocking news of...
  2. bickern

    Turkish special forces fail to smash their way into house in dawn raid

    Red-faced Turkish special forces fail to smash their way into house in dawn raid… then end up having to knock and ask to come in. Gaffe was caught on camera and has now been posted on the internet Eventually an elderly man in a vest opened the door to the squad Wearing balaclavas and carrying...
  3. Thechefster

    Ireland - A new dawn

    This is the last time I will comment on any thread regarding the Irish political situation, British Army or the monarchy, once it descends into a platform for certain members to spout their hatred of anything British. These members do not represent the majority of people in Ireland, North or...
  4. Harem

    Dawn chorus

    Does anybody love to hear the dawn chorus? It was one of the few things I missed when I moved to Turkey - I am afraid that cockerels crowing isn't quite the same as waking to blackbirds and thrushes, etc. singing their hearts out. Well, this morning I was awakened by a true dawn chorus and...
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Dawn French - A Tiny Bit Marvellous

    I listened to an interview on our local radio this morning with Dawn French, about her latest novel. It sounds such a fun read, so off I've just been to Amazon and ordered it. Here is a flavour of the novel. Product Description. Everyone hates the perfect family. So you’ll love the Battles...
  6. bobthenob

    The dawn of life

    Every year l witness the beauty of life around my house.April and May are the best times for this to happen when the fields all around are filled with color.The different varieties of flowers close together makes me fill l want to eat them. And when the fields come alive so do the many species...
  7. F

    Hello from Down Under,

    Hello from Dawn Under, Hello everyone; I live in Australia for the last 30 years, originally from Turkey Istanbul. When I left Turkey I was 22 years of age, handsome young man, now after so many years still young handsome man but bit older and wiser. I just want it to say hello and put a little...
  8. L

    dummies and Rattles at dawn!!!

    Another one of the many scams on offer right here in Turkey. And where are you all who keep saying you dont get ripped off in Turkey????
  9. D

    Hello from Dawn

    HI iam new to this forum my name is Dawn and we have an apartment on Yasmin near gima going for the first time in may we cant wait Dawn
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