Saint Davids Day

    Wishing all our Welsh members a great day. :bigkiss:
  2. S

    Happy St Davids Day

    To all the Welsh members-fellow Celts-Have a smashing day
  3. perfect1949

    happy st davids day

    happy st davids day to all , and welcome to all the new members ,this will save me a bit of time lol
  4. shirleyanntr

    İts St. Davids day

    İ wonder if its still ok to wish you a Happy St Davids..and is the day still celebrated with the kids in costıme and people wearing a daffodil....or is it considered as not PC ..!! or over the top nationalistic ..as it is if the English fly the flag of St. George. ? İ wonder why flags are so...
  5. S

    Happy St Davids day

    A very happy St Davids Day to all the Welsh members of TLF :438qr:
  6. shirleyanntr

    happy St Davids Day

    march 1st is St Davids Day..unless the PC brigade have changed things. When my kids were small i used to dress them in traditional costume for the day.. its funny if you celebrate this day and St Patricks..and St Andrews its ok But if you celebrate St George you can be accused of...
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