1. G

    Daves server Important update

    Hi All, Dave has announced he needs to update security on the server again so everybody will need their box updated with the new codes, you can contact him via e-mail on street.rat@live.co.uk or on his facebook page dave servinyou to arrange this will take effect in the next few...
  2. G

    New Channels on Daves Server

    Hi All, This is to inform everyone on Daves server that there are now new channels available...there are basically 8 new channels of which No.1 shows a mixture of Bbc1 , Itv which includes all the soaps, x factor and more, No.2 shows a mixture of itv2 , ch5, comedy channels and more. No.3...
  3. altinkum kev

    Daves Dream box Help page.

    Ok to help us all out if we have problems or just need a little advise Dave has set up a face book page to guide you,just click on . https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100003566984529 Well done Dave always one step ahead of the rest. Hope this link is allowed .
  4. G

    Daves server. ITV update

    Message received from Dave: I would like to inform everyone the current situation with ITV1 channels At this moment in time, the astra satellite at the position of 28.2e, has undergone many changes to the programme locations of many transponders All ITV1 stations have now been placed onto a...
  5. G

    Daves server, Important update

    Just had this message from Dave regarding a server update: hi all recent developments with security upgrades, means all my customers will require another update to their boxes. This can be done over teamviewer as before and will take only a cpl mins of your time so would everyone please mail...
  6. G

    Daves Server

    Hi All, Just an update from Dave about the service...all works should be completed now, with updated internet and electrics all done....this will provide everyone with hopefully glitch/freeze free tv due to the faster speeds...Dave would like to thank everybody for their patience during the...
  7. G

    Daves server interuption 14/03

    Hi All, Just an update from Dave that the server will be down for approx 4 hrs (or shorter) sometime during Wednsday 14/03/2012 due to essential electrical maintenance... Cheers Gary
  8. G

    Daves server new channels update..

    Message from Dave about new channels Hi all Recently sky have been moving channels around on the satellite, which has no real bearing on your tv viewing other than some LIVE BBC feeds are now available. These are not bbc 1 but are the interactive channels from bbc that all the uk enjoys,,, so...
  9. G

    Daves server update

    Hi All, Just had this update about a problem with ITV Would everyone please be aware that ITV1 Central has a fault at this moment, and is causing break ups in viewing when watching it Please use one of the other ITV1 stations such as TT ITV1 until the fault can be rectified.. Gary
  10. G

    Daves Server

    Hi All, Just had this message from Dave about problems we may encounter with the TV. Just to let everyone know that due to severe weather conditions in the uk, the internet is very unstable and will cause freezing and glitching issues on 28.2e This should hopefully be resolved asap, but...
  11. J

    Daves Dreambox

    Dave has asked me to ask anyone who looses channels to email him and also to email him when paying your renewals
  12. altinkum kev

    Daves Dreambox Didim

    Message from dave today. Just to let you know that monday 5th dec I have planned to upgrade the server, but will mean that between the hrs of 08.30 and 17.00 the service will be off I will most likely complete the work in far less time, but this way it covers any failure Appologies to all, but...
  13. G

    URGENT for people on Daves Dreambox server

    Hi All, I have had an urgent message from Dave about the service we receive from him..... he has to do a urgent security update to his servers which will mean all dreamboxes will require an update by him as done before...this can be done over the net via teamviewer by him if you contact him...
  14. Rainey

    Big Daves coming back!!!!!

    Just to let any of you Koycegizians know that met Dave last time, we are coming back so if you see a largish english man wandering around, don't be scared. We are having a holiday and a little house hunting too................although we still dont know where destiny will take us. :3:
  15. Pennie

    Smurfy Daves wedding

    Dave aka smurf and his long suffering partner Ann have finally decided to get married. They would like to invite everyone they know to the celebration on Friday the 28th September at Jokers. I will keep everyone posted as to the time of the event. Pennie xx
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